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Easy, Healthy Lunches for Busy Families

I taught a class this week on Smart Nutrition for Busy Families, and as I prepared for the class, I went through a multitude of websites looking for the best of the best. Here are just a few that I found.

First of all, as a Juice Plus+ rep, I would be remiss if I didn’t share the amazing website that was put together by a super-talented group of National Marketing Directors in our company. There are many things to choose from over at Healthy Living Revolution, but if you have children, I recommend clicking on the Start Strong tab at the top. There you’ll find the Start Strong Kids playbook. It’s loaded with simple, fun ways to inspire healthy choices, from a Lunch Box Planning Guide and Smart Snacks to sticker sheets, broken out by age group, each with 20 healthy activities. And, there are printable awards for your daring Start Strong Ambassadors.

Over at Nourish Interactive there is so much going on that you might want to set a timer before you start clicking, otherwise you’re likely to look up two hours later and wonder where the time went. From meal plans and recipes to games and educational printouts, you’re unlikely to get bored here!

I loved looking at the variety of food in the school lunches on Life Made Sweeter,┬ábut I took it a step further so that kids look forward to actually eating their lunch rather than throwing half of it away. Instead of putting together entire lunches, purchase individual containers, either crystal clear or multicolored, and pack with bite sized fruit and veggies, popcorn, nuts and seeds, a few chocolate chips, energy bites (go to my contact me page for recipes), small sandwich bites … well, you can see the fun things in those pictures, and there are lists in the Start Strong book. In the morning, let the kids pick one or two from each category (Main, Fruit, Veg, Treats) and pack their own lunch.

Those are just a couple of ideas. There are hundreds of great ideas out there, so set that timer, and get started! Let me know your favorite ideas in the comments section.