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Shred 10 … Detox from What?

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I get asked, “Why detox? What am I detoxing from? Doesn’t my liver handle that?” Let me answer these, and probably more questions you might have about this Shred 10 I keep talking about.

First, the 10 Day Shred … it isn’t about losing ten pounds, although you will probably lose some weight if you have weight to lose. And, yes, your liver handles a LOT, but our livers are being tasked with detoxifying a frightening number of chemicals … many more than the liver has evolved to filter. Babies have measurable levels of BPA, amongshred 10, health coach, toxins, detox, detox diet, health coach near me, health coach kansas city other chemicals in their bloodstream. We are bombarded by pesticides, herbicides, pollution particles that the EPA finds acceptable, but our livers aren’t quite as sure! Children are ingesting the hormones that get added to dairy cows and livestock. Even with the best of intentions, eating everything organic, and even vegan, doesn’t exclude you from the ravages of modern life.

One answer is to join me in the next Shred 10. My team has one every month! That’s ten days of eating clean to help shred the toxins, and shredding unhealthy lifestyle habits while building healthy ones, and you might even shred a few pounds while you’re at it. I’ll be hosting a Shred 10 Grocery Store Tour if this is all new to you, and a Celebration Happy Hour! Come on out and meet and network with professionals, moms, and people who struggle with the same things … may shred 10, health coach, toxins, detox, detox diet, health coach near me, health coach kansas citybe one will be super awesome at one piece of the shred, and you’ll be super audacious at another … Together, you’ll rock it out!

Another thing, none of us is perfect. When a friend started doing this she had no idea what gluten was, or where to look for it, but she did everything else and felt great! Now, she’s done one every month for over a year, and she definitely knows what gluten is. What you learn is how to eat healthy food, and isn’t that really what it’s all about? Let’s take healthy back!

This month we’re starting on July 9th, so you’ll want to connect soon so that you can order what you need to make it happen. Plan on the Grocery Store Tour on Sunday the 8th at 3:00. We’ll determine location based on where everyone lives. The Celebration Happy Hour will be 4:30-630, again in a convenient location, on Wednesday, July 18th. Can’t wait to see everyone!

And, you can do this long distance if you’re not in the Kansas City area! We have a fun private Facebook Group, with contests, motivation, recipes and more! There’s a fitness instructor and me, your health coach!

Just hit the Contact Me button, and let me know you want in on the next Shred 10, and I’ll get you more information.

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