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Come One, Come All …To The Carnival of Well-Being

Everyone Loves a Carnival!
But…have you heard of a Blog Carnival? It’s an online magazine. Each edition of the carnival is one blog post that contains a series of links pointing to posts on other blogs, written on one particular topic by many authors.

On the first day of each month, our Carnival of Well-Being will proudly present fresh articles from local bloggers who are experts in one aspect of well-being. Each blog post is packed with information you can use immediately to enhance your well-being.

How to Play
Step 1. Click a link to a blog post that intrigues you. Read as many posts as you like!
Step 2. Support your local, free-range, organic bloggers by:
• Commenting on the posts you like
• Sharing your fave posts freely and liberally with your friends and family
• If you’re inclined to, contacting the blogger for more information about the services they offer.

On to the Carnival! Have fun!
This month, each blogger is serving up a post on this topic:
What’s the single most important thing you could STOP doing that would have the biggest impact on your well-being?

Posted by: Nancy Oglesby at HealthworksKC … ME!
Description: When I was asked to write about what people should stop doing, this came to mind: They should stop trying. What!? Stop trying to lose weight/quit smoking/quit drinking/quit eating sugar/get to bed on time? How will that improve my well-being?
Scroll down to the second post on this blog for more.

Posted by: Alicen at Former Fitness Flunky
Description: There’s one little thing you can stop doing today that may be holding you back from succeeding in your fitness routine. We’ll look at what that one little thing is and how you can overcome it once and for all.
Click here to read the entire post.

Posted by Linda Putthoff at Plaza Wellspring
Description: Stop letting fear rule your choices. Fear becomes a patterned response to many situations in our lives, but it is most often a response to what WAS in the past, or what we are afraid MIGHT BE in the future. Mind/Body practice is transformative because it brings us into the present moment. In the present moment, through listening (attention) and using our creative energy (intention) we can choose love and compassion to be the guiding forces in our decision making.
Click here to read the entire post.

Posted by Judy Widener at Inner Frontiers Life Coaching
Description: We all know that stress causes illness. So why do the majority of those surveyed say their stress is increasing instead of decreasing, with a sobering 25% saying they’re under extreme stress? Debunk the myths about stress and start permanently lowering your stress level today.
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The next Carnival of Well-Being will be July 1, with four more bloggers joining this group. Until then, Be Well!