Fruits and Vegetables to the Rescue!

I can’t make this stuff up!

A study using data from a five-year period (UK Household Longitudinal Study of 40,000 participants) found that increases in mental wellbeing and life satisfaction were linked to increases in the intake of fruits and vegetables. You often see recommendations for people to take a walk to improve their outlook and to reduce stress. The study’s authors estimated that adding one portion of fruits or veggies to your diet each day could have the same benefit as taking 7-8 extra walks a month. Imagine what would happen if you ate a few strawberries, blueberries or some celery as you walked!

Imagine what would happen if you ate a few strawberries, blueberries, or some celery as you walked!

–Nancy Oglesby (ha!)

A University of Warwick (UK) study found that a person’s mental health can be enhanced by consuming four extra portions of fruits and vegetables daily, so much so that it can lessen the psychological impact of life stressors such as divorce and unemployment. That’s incredible!

In another study (University of Otago, NZ ) 171 students between the ages of 18-25, were divided into three groups: Group 1 continued normal eating patterns; Group 2 received texts reminding them to eat more fruits and veggies, and Group 3 were given additional servings of fruits and vegetables for two weeks. Group 3, who were given the extra servings, enjoyed greater improvement in their mental wellbeing compared to the other two groups.

So, when it comes to feeling great and having a good attitude, fruits and veggies are King and Queen!

What is the easiest way to bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do? The Juice Plus+ trio of Blends has 30 varieties of fruits, veggies and berries. Check it out here! It is powdered produce in capsules, and even better than that amazement? They know the family farmers who grow their fruits and veggies! And, it’s all picked at the peak of ripeness, which means the peak of nutritional content!

Really, just check it out! 6-month, 100% money-back guarantee, no loopholes, no shipping … If it doesn’t meet your expectations, you have nothing to lose.

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Getting Omega-3 Right

Omega fats are powerful protectors, but it’s important to get it right.

According to Dr. Catherine Shanahan, author of Deep Nutrition, Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food, omega-3 fats are extremely prone to oxidation because of their molecular structure. This requires cold pressing and no refining or further processing. She goes on to share that a group of lipid scientists in New Zealand said, “Even oil stored in the dark at 4 degrees Centigrade (about 40 degrees Fahrenheit) may oxidize unacceptably within a month of storage.”

You can find omega-3’s in many foods: oysters, grass-fed butter, raw nuts, seeds and green leafy veggies.

Learn more about Juice Plus+ Omega Blend

If you can’t get enough in your diet, Juice Plus+ Omega Blend is never heated! Most omega products come in soft-gel form, which requires heat and oxygen to fill and seal. Heat and oxygen cause oils to start degrading. Our vegan capsule shell is sealed without heat, protecting the oils inside. And that bubble you see in each Omega Blend capsule? That’s nitrogen, which replaces the oxygen, protecting the oils from degradation again.

Why is it important?

  • DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal vision
  • DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function
  • EPA & DHA contribute to normal heart functions

Visit my Juice Plus+ website to learn more.

I Hate Paying for Functions I Don’t Use.

As much as I have loved new tech in the past, tech sometimes does too much! Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed watching technology explode, but I’m kinda cheap. I don’t want to pay for functionality I don’t use.

Fitbit Charge 4

I had an old, old Fitbit I didn’t use any more, and had flirted with the idea of an Apple Watch, but … $500? Then my insurance company sent me a Fitbit Charge 4. I am in love!

For those who want the Apple Watch experience, this might not be for you, but it ticks so many of my boxes and comes in at $129 on Amazon!

  1. Sleek and attractive. The Fitbit Charge 4 is easy on the eyes. It’s rectangular instead of boxy and with my comfort bands it’s really nice looking.
  2. The charge lasts DAYS!!
  3. Tons of display options.
  4. Turns on when I lift my arm (saves battery).
  5. It’s tracks my steps, elevation and has GPS.
  6. The Fitbit Charge 4 records your HR zones and how many minutes your ‘in the zone.’
  7. There are six different exercise modes: Run, swim, cycle, outdoor, treadmill and walk. During exercise it will give you HR notifications.
  8. I can control Spotify
  9. I can look at my calendar
  10. I can pay
  11. I can set timers and a stopwatch
  12. Set alarms and check the weather.
  13. The charge lasts DAYS!
  14. Easily changeable, super comfy bands (aftermarket).

That’s a lot of functionality for $129! If you want to get serious about your health you can join Fitbit Premium for $9.99/month. You’ll have access to advanced sleep, heart rate, and tracking data. I highly recommend it!

Loop bands are super comfy and come in a variety of colors.

Another good reason to try out the Fitbit Charge 4 is to see what you might miss. Does Apple Watch have it? How much do you want/need it? Why learn a $500 lesson when you can learn what you like/dislike for $130 and then buy the watch that suits your needs?

Tell me what tracker you like. What about it? Is there a function you just have to have?

I open up 3 FREE Health Consultations every month. April is open. First Come, First Served.

Nature on the Cheap

I love waterfalls, a cool breeze, flower-filled meadows, trees and the cool abstract of their bark, hiking a shady sunny shady sunny trail, roasting hotdogs over a campfire, listening to night sounds by a lake, and sleeping under the stars.

Research consistently shows that spending time in nature is good for ones health. But, it can get pricey if you live in the city.

One day, while waiting for my raw milk dude at the pick up point, I went for a little walk. When I got back he still wasn’t there (I was early) so I sat in the back of my sweet 2006 Toyota Matrix. Hmmm … roomy, and I can sit up. I could sleep in this! And so began the idea of camping in my car.

Apparently, I am late to the party because look what I found!!

Napier 61000 Camper … ❤️

So, I’m now in full planning mode. When it’s hot as hades here, I’m going to go north for a few days. Maybe I’ll even go a few weekends during the summer.

They have more than one size, along with a size chart, so if $ is holding you back, or if this just looks fun, check it out!

I already have a lantern, cooler, small camp stove, a rechargeable bug thingy (technical term) and a fire pit, so all I need to invest in is the camper shell and a mattress pad. SWEET!! (Oh, and maybe a battery operated fan.)

What am I forgetting? What would you add?

I open up 3 FREE Health Consultations every month. April is open. First Come, First Served.

If Not NOW, When?

At Nancy Oglesby Wellness (NOW) we realize that each woman is unique. Rarely do our clients start in the same place … no cookie cutter programs here!

Let’s find the perfect place for you to start. Contact us today and you might win one of our FREE April health consultations.

19 Healthy Amazon Finds I Use Every Day!

Whole Earth Sweetener: Giving up sugar is one of the hardest things for people to do, but the newer, measurable, natural sugar substitutes can make it so much easier! I love the blend of erythritol, stevia and monk fruit. It seems to work together to cancel out the aftertaste of each one individually. I use this when I want granulated.

Lakanto Liquid Monk Fruit Extract: In combination with Trader Joe’s liquid stevia, this is my favorite combination for anything liquid. I love it in my coffee with a dash of organic, pastured heavy cream!

Nutiva Vanilla MCT Powder: This is an ingredient in the stout cup of coffee that I use to break my fast every day. 1 scoop of this, 1T Garden of Life Collagen, 4 drops each of Lakanto (above) and Liquid Stevia, 1T raw heavy cream and a naturally flavored coffee. Right now, I’m enjoying Starbuck’s Honey Madagascar Vanilla ground coffee.

These popsicle molds are the best! I whip up a can of 365 brand organic coconut milk and a package of Simply Delish dessert mix, pour into the molds and freeze … my favorite is orange Simply Delish with a teaspoon of vanilla added. Instant Creamsicles!

I also love my silicone muffin cups. They’re great for one of my favorite quick bites: egg cups! Just mix a few eggs in a mason jar with your favorite seasonings, toss in some salsa, mix up and pour into the silicone cups and bake. Once they’re done you can freeze them. When frozen, pop them out and store in a plastic bag in the freezer.

My Ninja Air Fryer is just about the only appliance I use anymore. I cook whole organic chickens seasoned with a touch of garlic powder and salt. (375 degrees for 1 hour breast side down, flip it over and cook for another 10 minutes.) I dehydrate veggies from the garden as well as any that I won’t be able to eat before they’re no longer any good. I cook naked wings, organic hot dogs, steak, burgers … you name it! And, when you get parchment paper to fit, it is even better! Nothing sticks to your grill rack or falls through!

Etekcity scale has changed my life! I used to have measuring spoons and cups all over the kitchen … no more! I use the scale for everything. Pretty much all dried ingredients are 14g for a tablespoon, which is easily divisible for smaller measures. This scale measures ounces, fluid ounces, grams, and milliliters. For example, I make my coffee above every morning: 8 ounces coffee, 7g of Collagen, 11g Nutiva MCT Powder, 15ml cream … I can zero it out with the touch of a button for the next ingredient. Once you get used to it, it’s SO EASY!

Giving up soda is tough! I’ve found something seriously delicious: Bai Bubbly. It’s not cheap, but it’s good. So far, my faves are Black Cherry and Grapefruit. I do have the blood orange on the way.

For hydration I love my Bluetooth Hidrate water bottle. You can get it in plastic or stainless steel (mine’s steel) in a few different sizes. I love the 17 oz. because it fits in my car.

Have you been trying to find fun ways to work out? Buy a set of drumsticks and a nice, tough Urbanfit exercise ball, put on some raucous tunes and beat away. Great for releasing tension, too! (So much fun!)

For my hair, I’ve been loving Free & Clear. So far, I’ve tried the hairspray and the styling gel. Both seem to work well. Let me know what you think.

Scholl’s arch supports are an easy way to make inexpensive sandals much better for your feet. They’re clear silicone so aren’t noticeable.

Rainbow sandals. I was told by my kids that I had to have them. They were right. They are super comfy and long lasting.

Enrichment gadgets are a wonderful way to support your dog’s health. Likimats are one of the best purchases I’ve made for my dogs. They keep my dogs engaged and interested. You can read all about the why, but take it from me, they work! I smear them with canned dog food (pate style) and Lilly and Piper are quiet for a long time. I get to journal or meditate in peace and they’re happy campers.

Good Question!

I find the book, “300 Writing Prompts,” by Piccadilly Inc., helpful on days when I’d like to be a bit introspective but haven’t a clue what to write about. I do the questions in order rather than pick and choose. That forces me to think about something rather than looking for something easy to answer. The question, What do you look forward to every week? seemed simple, but it turned out to be an eye-opener.

As I’ve aged, I often reflect on having lived an interesting life, but never thought about what I look forward to each week. It would’ve been simple to answer when I was 21, “I look forward to the weekend!” When my kids were toddlers, hands down it would have been nap time.

As my kids were getting older, I looked forward to just some quiet time away from the constant chatter, and maybe a clean room once in awhile.

Now, my kids are grown, my husband has been gone for 18 years, and there’s little structure in my days. I can typically nap, garden, get together with friends, etc. whenever I want so, when I thought about it, I was stumped. Then it dawned on me … My mornings! Every morning I spend a couple of hours reading, journaling, or studying, and I cherish every minute of it!

By answering that question, I gained an appreciation of my life, how it has changed, and how grateful I am to be able to live comfortably. And my morning time is something worth protecting.

Your answer will be different. Hopefully, by answering the question, “What do you look forward to every week?” you will gain appreciation, and even some insight into where to focus some of your self-care time. Journaling can change the way you look at life, past and present. It’s a class I love to teach!

Women over 50, if you’ve tried journaling and can’t make it stick, or if you’d like support in finding your lost energy or losing weight, sign up for one of my three free health coaching consultations this month!

Use the Snooze!

I am so tired of advice to NOT use the snooze button. OK, I get it, going in and out of the sleep that you get during a few snooze sessions can be disruptive to your brain and overall energy.

But, what if you don’t use that nine minutes to sleep? What if instead you use that nine minutes (more or less) as a way of keeping you from falling back to sleep while allowing your brain to gently wake up? In today’s world nine minutes of quiet is a luxury!

Alexa … Snooze!

Confidence that you won’t fall back asleep and will get out of bed on time allows you to relax and snuggle in, enjoy the warmth and coziness of your winter bedding, the squish of your pillow, and it allows you to float in this half dream state of gratitude.

Using the snooze button to your advantage is a wonderful way to give your mind permission to drift unfocused, to wander without the noise of the day, to appreciate warmth on a cold day …

Set your alarm to go off ten or twenty minutes early and give it a try. Ahhhhhhh …..

Alexa … snooze!

PS: I use an Echo Dot just outside the bedroom as my alarm. That way not even my arm has to leave the comfy warmth of my awesome blankets. 😊

Keep Your Mind Open

TipTuesday … read this book. Always explore new information and revelations surrounding our beliefs. Always be a willing student.

Many years ago I ate a vegan diet. I didn’t feel well so after several months I added in fish, also known as a pescatarian diet. I was as abrasively self righteous as many vegans can be. So to all my friends, and former clients, I apologize.

After a few years of eating primarily vegetarian foods I was achy, had little energy, and the brain fog was not good. I added in organic chicken. Things didn’t get much better.

The Case for Keto by Gary Taubes
The Case for Keto by Gary Taubes

To make a long story short, I found out that I have a high sensitivity to oxalates. I now eat a very low oxalate, low carb/high fat (keto) diet and after much research, firmly believe that many of you can benefit from this way of eating.

My vegan/pescatarian diet consisted primarily of smoothies made with a base of spinach, almond milk, nut butter for breakfast. I’d have beans on my salad, nuts, beets and make bean soup or chili for dinner … everything extremely high in oxalates. 😫

First, I hate the word ‘diet’ because it implies weight loss. For me, my diet is made up of super clean foods that my body tolerates well. I buy organic, pastured and grass fed, local when I can. I eat about 2-3 ounces of chicken at lunch and rarely more than 4 ounces of grass fed beef or pasture raised pork at dinner. Far less than the average American, and raised using regenerative agriculture methods.

There are several ways that oxalates can cause problems and I’m not going into all of them here but I highly recommend doing some research. You’ll have to go beyond kidney stones. That is the most common issue you’ll find.

Oxalates are what led me

to the diet that works for me.

Here are some symptoms that I have learned over my four years or five years of research:

  • Kidney stones
  • Aching joints
  • Lichen Sclerosis
  • Autism
  • Vulvodynia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Digestive issues
  • Frequent UTI’s
  • Urinary tract issues

The sad thing is that oxalates are in what so many of us think of as healthy. Spinach, chard, nuts, beans, seeds, grains … and finding accurate information on what is high or low oxalate will make you crazy.

I recommend starting with Dr. Susan Owens and if you feel you need to learn even more, join her Facebook group, Trying Low Oxalates. Just know it’s a time investment, 😊 and not something you can do overnight.

Aside from having amazing energy and no more urinary tract issues, I had the best lipid profile I’ve ever had. I have a familial tendency to high cholesterol so I requested my doctor order a comprehensive lipid panel. (If you want the name and what it measures, reach out.) here are some of the results. All great news!

  • My HDL:Triglyceride ratio is 1:1 … the absolute best!
  • My hs-CRP is the best it’s ever been.
  • My HDL particle size is off the charts!

I am happy to support anyone who wants to give it a go as I’ve spent the last 4-5 years figuring it out for myself. It will be a different journey for you, but hopefully one that will bring you to new levels of health!

Visit my website and reach out via the contact me form.

Don’t Eat a Boring Breakfast!

Break your fast with tons of healthy plant foods that taste amazing and aren’t boring! Dress up your base smoothly with fruit, nut butters and maybe a bit of kale. Now you’ve got a robust beginning to your day. 🥰

Click on the picture to learn more about Juice Plus+ Complete.

I highly recommend the whole food nutrition in Juice Plus+ Complete Shake mix. Click on the photo to learn more. Get the variety (30 Chocolate/30 Vanilla in Single Serve.) I’ll be adding more recipes soon!

Bon appetit!