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Make it Simple

As we head into a brand new year, it is obvious that the Pandemic Pause has us all living a bit differently. Now, more than ever, it’s important to our health to do good things for ourselves.

How can we make getting fit, eating healthy, meditation or mindfulness less daunting. Commit to it just for today. When you put a big X on the calendar, and do a happy dance, you’re celebrating success! Then, as James Clear says in his best selling book, Atomic Habits, “Don’t break the chain.” When you commit to doing something, just for today, then track it, you’ll build momentum.

Once you’ve got a few days under your belt, missing a day is painful! A couple of years ago I decided to do a stretching workout every morning. I set a minimum for what would count toward success. I have missed, maybe, two days! And, most days I do far more than the minimum I set for it to count … momentum! (There’s nothing like the image of a missing X to get me moving!) I’ve got a few different tracking sheets if you’d like one. Here’s a link to my favorite! (It’s the one above.)

Gary Keller and Jay Papasan share brilliant ways to focus on your One Thing in their book of the same name. Find that One Thing that if you do it regularly, it will make everything else easier or unnecessary. You want to move closer to your goal.

In their book The Consistence Chain, authors George Campbell and Jim Packard recommend having a substitute habit for times when your habit choice isn’t practical. For instance, if your ‘thing’ is to go for a walk every day, it’s not practical for you to head out in bad weather, so line up a selection of workouts to do instead. Practical substitution makes sense!

So, what’s one SIMPLE thing you would like add in, take out, or change daily to improve your wellness? I thought I’d toss out a few ideas:

  • Walk around the block
  • Get up ten minutes earlier than the family and savor the quiet
  • Track expenses
  • Read spiritually centered material
  • Make your bed
  • Reach out to someone
  • Start every day with a JP+ Complete smoothie
  • Try new fitness activities online. Tai chi? Yoga? Low impact aerobics? Strength?
  • Read uplifting books
  • Listen to or read personal development material
  • Read a daily devotion and journal your thoughts
  • Take Juice Plus+
  • Have a side salad at dinner … even if dinner is McDonald’s
  • Figure out a budget and set aside time daily to make sure it’s accurate. (Make it fun!)
  • Learn something new
  • Eat veggies at every meal
  • Check in with friends

Working with a health coach can help you to determine your one thing, and how to implement it. Having that accountability, even when it comes with a dose of kindness, ramps up motivation.

I’d love to support you in your journey to wellness. Feel free to reach out via my website at:

Why Hire a Certified Health Coach?

When I attend events and people ask what I do they often ask me, “Why does someone hire a health coach?” For quite awhile I answered each person differently with things like, a coach can:

  • help people figure out what works for them
  • support a person in finding out how to lose weight
  • help someone reduce or eliminate arthritis, high blood pressure or diabetes
  • teach how to integrate healthy food into their lifestyle
  • guide people into a lifestyle that will bring them more energy, better sleep and fewer aches and pains

It all felt a little vague and people didn’t seem to get it. Then one morning I woke up knowing how to answer the question with confidence and, I have to say, I have to wonder what took me so long! This is why you should hire a Certified Integrative Health Coach:

One day Margaret, a tennis player, realizes that her dream is to get into the US Open. In order to realize her goal, Margaret knows she will need a top-notch coach. After all, she’s taught herself a lot over the last few years, and had some good guidance, but now she’s serious about achieving her vision so she goes out and finds herself a coach that is a good fit.

The coach watches Margaret’s forehand, backhand and serve. She watches her move to the net, how she decides to make her move and the coach watches when a competitor enters the court. Physicality isn’t all that the coach pays attention to, she also observes what Margaret eats, drinks and how she relaxes.

After observing Margaret the coach develops a plan and goes over it with her, they make a few subtle changes, determine how to proceed and then Margaret takes the first step.

The coach doesn’t go back to the office, put her feet up and wait for the rewarding moment when Margaret calls to say she is in the US Open. The coach continues to observe and tweaks the plan when necessary providing support and guidance throughout. Basically, she observes, develops and manages Margaret’s game plan.

Margaret continues to make positive changes and over time, the small changes begin to work their magic. Soon she is in the US Open … her coach at her side, beaming with pride at Margaret’s accomplishment!

What is YOUR US Open? Consider hiring a coach to observe, develop and manage your game plan for better health. Each person is different and no one lifestyle works for everyone. I will provide support and guidance while finding healthy lifestyle choices that work for you. Making small changes, one step at a time, creates lasting, sustainable change, change that doesn’t disrupt your life.

So, why hire a Certified Health Coach? Because making it to your version of the US Open will go smoother with a well-developed plan, and the right support to achieve it.