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The Health Coach Learns a Thing or Two

Keep Learning!

As a coach, I am always on a quest to gain ever more insight into both personal and professional growth. So, recently I read the book The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan and listened to over 30 episodes of Geoff Woods’ The One Thing podcast. I immediately recognized how their program would improve the outcome of my approach to wellness; Choose one thing to change, make it simple, do it until it’s a habit, then choose the next change.

The One Thing program added fuel to my One Simple Change philosophy! They recommend setting a time on your calendar when you focus only on that change, and track it for 66 days! Only then do you choose your next thing. They recommend choosing something that will make everything else easier or unnecessary. Just so you know, it’s often not the first thing you choose, but as you move through the process, an awareness grows and you wonder why you didn’t see it from the beginning! (No snickers from the peanut gallery when you hear my Ah Ha! moment!)

I journal every day. It’s been my practice for over ten years and has led me to new levels of self-awareness. However, it sometimes takes awhile. 😉 My first 66-Day Challenge was to plan what I’ll eat during the week on Saturday, shop and cook over the weekend, then each morning plan my day’s food by putting it into my tracking app. (I use Carb Manager, but My Fitness Pal works great as well.)

I printed out my 66-Day Challenge chart, stuck it on the fridge, and found some gold stickers … I was pumped! I started on September 1st and did it religiously for several days! Trouble was … I didn’t follow the plan!

Ah Ha! … I now have TWO 66-Day Challenge charts on the fridge: One is for creating the plan and the other is for FOLLOWING the plan! I now have gold stars on both, and the result? The weight loss stall that I was experiencing is over and I’ve added 3 pounds to the loss column!

I have to follow a low-oxalate, diary free, gluten free diet. I’m sure you can imagine that my food list is restrictive. Recently, despite my former edict that Keto was the devil, I decided that my food list would probably work best within the framework of a Clean Keto plan (I was close to it anyway) and it’s been working quite well for me. I don’t experience cravings, have tons of energy, no longer feel like an afternoon nap is necessary, my fasting blood sugar is in the 80’s (it used to be 102) and to date I’ve lost over 14 pounds.

More importantly is the sense of calm that I feel. The lack of cravings is totally unreal! I can sit with friends, surrounded by chips and salsa, bread on the table, or the most delectable-looking desserts and I DO NOT CRAVE THEM! I am no longer eating after dinner and that allows my body to rest better at night. I learned that I don’t need to be full or worried about the next time I will eat because my blood sugar is stable. I feel calm.

Speaking of going out with friends, there are Keto-friendly alcohols. Not that I indulge often, but a flavored vodka with plain soda water, dry white or red wine, or a whiskey on the rocks … yup!

In The One Thing, they compare your one thing to the lead domino … knock it down and all the dominoes behind it fall down seemingly without effort. Strangely, because of my one thing, creating a meal plan, I am better able to focus on everything else in my day. My office is more organized, my home is more organized, this blog got written … I do not feel like I’m crazy busy chasing things every moment. I know it sounds a little strange, but my entire being, mental and physical has relaxed. The dominoes keep falling!

Prior to Clean Keto and the One Thing, I ate a primarily Mediterranean Diet and when I tried to lose weight I was overcome with cravings and could barely move the scale. If there was a chip in front of me, I was going to eat it. I couldn’t stay out of gluten even knowing it wasn’t good for me.

Today, I eat better quality EVERYTHING, in the right proportions, and find it quite simple. I cook meals that I’ve always made, minus the heavy carbohydrates.

Oh, and I take my Juice Plus+ Blends every single day! Those capsules, brimming with over 30 varieties of fruits, berries and vegetables, add to my nutrition in such a big way … I would never go without them!

Here’s a sampling of my week: pastured organic chicken cacciatore, mashed cauliflower, broccoli with butter, wild caught salmon with butter, garlic and lemon, organic grass fed steak, organic grass fed meatloaf, cabbage soup made with organic grass fed ground beef, pastured organic chicken wings, blueberries and organic cream, homemade waffles with no-sugar-added ice cream, organic pumpkin seeds, raw coconut butter, and coffee with organic cream.

I’ll update you as I go along and let you know how things are progressing. I am hopeful that everything will continue to get better and better!

Would you like to learn more about how to identify your One Thing? Would you like to learn more about what diet might be a solution for you? Please fill out the contact form and I’ll get back with you.

You can get the book for free by listening to the podcast. You’ll get a PDF of the book by following the simple directions. Find it here! (Listen to the first episode and they tell you what to do.)


Goals Planner

Willpower & Discipline … Ugh!

First, let’s talk about change. It’s hard! By the time we’re 50 and older, we’re darned stuck in our ways, right?!

In order to make changes last, we have to learn about how to effectively use discipline and willpower. In his book, The One Thing, Gary Keller says what we need is a new habit, not discipline nor willpower. Toss in enough discipline for a short time, while the habit kicks in, and we won’t need to rely on it to continue the behavior. Think about it: You don’t use discipline to brush your teeth, make coffee, get out the door on your way to work, put on your seat belt or start the car and put it in drive. Why? Because they’re all habits!

As he points out in the book, “… who would want to be, ‘disciplined’ anyway? The very thought of having your every behavior molded and maintained by training seems frighteningly impossible on one hand and utterly boring on the other.”

Goals Planner
How many goals have you achieved?

What about willpower? Mr. Keller shares research stating that we have a daily reserve of willpower and over the course of the day, it is depleted every time we use if for something, regardless of how trivial. It’s a powerful thing, until it needs a nap! Kathleen Vohs, in Prevention magazine (2009) used the analogy of it being like gasoline in your car. Every time you start and/or run your car’s engine, you use some of your gas and eventually your tank is empty.

Willpower is the same … resist that donut at 8AM, the French fries at lunch, bite your tongue throughout the day, and when it’s 9PM and you’re relaxing … BAM! the ice cream or potato chips begin their siren call just when your willpower is at its lowest.

In The One Thing, Keller shares research showing that when our willpower runs out, we revert to our default settings. Understanding those settings is a step toward awareness but is not the answer. Managing our ‘tank’ of willpower is the solution. In the book, he points out several things that deplete willpower: Suppressing emotions, or impulses, restraining aggression, resisting temptation, trying to impress or doing something you don’t want to do. Some of those are obvious willpower guzzlers but taking tests and filtering distractions surprised me.

I understand that taking tests can be stressful, and as such, made sense once I thought about it, but filtering distractions was an AHA! moment for me. As someone with ADHD, I never realized how filtering distractions was one of my major guzzlers, leaving me exhausted! A couple of other things on the list rang true for ADHD as well: suppressing impulses and doing things one doesn’t enjoy are big challenges. Knowing that they guzzle willpower means scheduling them when the tank is full!

Other important factors in filling your tank include staying rested and healthy eating. Eating properly, and at the right time sets you up for success.

My willpower plan is to do important things first and try to set up meetings for later in the day. However, it rarely works that my mid mornings aren’t planned out, so when I get home in the afternoon, I take a 20-30-minute nap. (Alexa, set an alarm for 3:30!) That mental break, and energy charge, tops off my tank so that I can finish up the important stuff while still taking advantage of a reasonable bedtime.

There are so many planning tools available that finding one that works for you, studying your willpower’s timing and your focused needs, will probably require designing and redesigning your daily plan several times. Also, we change, and our priorities change, often leading to a new plan.

I highly recommend Gary Keller’s book, The One Thing. Read it, listen to it, work with it and see where it leads. There’s also a podcast and planning sheets. Check it all out here!

As always, I love giving presentations on wellness. Check out my offerings here, and check the calendar for what’s coming up. You can learn more about Juice Plus+ here for the simplest change!

Shred 10 … Detox from What?

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I get asked, “Why detox? What am I detoxing from? Doesn’t my liver handle that?” Let me answer these, and probably more questions you might have about this Shred 10 I keep talking about.

First, the 10 Day Shred … it isn’t about losing ten pounds, although you will probably lose some weight if you have weight to lose. And, yes, your liver handles a LOT, but our livers are being tasked with detoxifying a frightening number of chemicals … many more than the liver has evolved to filter. Babies have measurable levels of BPA, amongshred 10, health coach, toxins, detox, detox diet, health coach near me, health coach kansas city other chemicals in their bloodstream. We are bombarded by pesticides, herbicides, pollution particles that the EPA finds acceptable, but our livers aren’t quite as sure! Children are ingesting the hormones that get added to dairy cows and livestock. Even with the best of intentions, eating everything organic, and even vegan, doesn’t exclude you from the ravages of modern life.

One answer is to join me in the next Shred 10. My team has one every month! That’s ten days of eating clean to help shred the toxins, and shredding unhealthy lifestyle habits while building healthy ones, and you might even shred a few pounds while you’re at it. I’ll be hosting a Shred 10 Grocery Store Tour if this is all new to you, and a Celebration Happy Hour! Come on out and meet and network with professionals, moms, and people who struggle with the same things … may shred 10, health coach, toxins, detox, detox diet, health coach near me, health coach kansas citybe one will be super awesome at one piece of the shred, and you’ll be super audacious at another … Together, you’ll rock it out!

Another thing, none of us is perfect. When a friend started doing this she had no idea what gluten was, or where to look for it, but she did everything else and felt great! Now, she’s done one every month for over a year, and she definitely knows what gluten is. What you learn is how to eat healthy food, and isn’t that really what it’s all about? Let’s take healthy back!

This month we’re starting on July 9th, so you’ll want to connect soon so that you can order what you need to make it happen. Plan on the Grocery Store Tour on Sunday the 8th at 3:00. We’ll determine location based on where everyone lives. The Celebration Happy Hour will be 4:30-630, again in a convenient location, on Wednesday, July 18th. Can’t wait to see everyone!

And, you can do this long distance if you’re not in the Kansas City area! We have a fun private Facebook Group, with contests, motivation, recipes and more! There’s a fitness instructor and me, your health coach!

Just hit the Contact Me button, and let me know you want in on the next Shred 10, and I’ll get you more information.

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Healthy Connections July 2017

Health in the News with Nancy Oglesby

Harvard School of Public Health’s Nutrition Action Newsletter reports that, Improving diet quality over time linked with reduced risk of premature death”.The study shows the impact of making healthy changes over time, in this case twelve years. As many of you know, my book No Kale Required: Healthy Eating Ideas for the Rest of Us, is 90+ pages of simple changes you can make in your diet to improve your health. This research is validation that it’s worth it to start today!

Dr. David Katz is my go-to science guy. He breaks down the science that’s in the news, the trendy fad diets and puts it all in scientific perspective. His writing style is an acquired taste, but well worth getting used to! In this article, Two Diet Wrongs Don’t Make a Diet Right, he tells us how they got it wrong in What the Health, the new documentary on Netflix. (Dr. Katz’s Bio)

An excerpt: “If, for instance, my wife and I see a documentary advocating for vegan diets and the narrative suggests that (a) sugar in the diet is not a concern, or (b) deli meats are as likely to cause cancer as smoking, or (c) eating wild salmon is toxic for people, she turns to me and says: “I’m confused.” The goal of documentaries about diet should not be perpetual confusion and doubt.

If my wife is confused by food documentaries, I have to infer that she has a lot of company. Catherine has a PhD in neuroscience from Princeton, so she is extremely well educated and exceptionally smart. She lives with a nutrition expert husband, and is an expert cook in her own right. Yet, diet documentaries tend to confuse even my wife. Why?”

So, that’s the latest in health & wellness news. As always, I’d love to be considered for a speaking gig at your church, organization or company. For classes, visit my website at www.nancyoglesby.com, or shoot me an email.

I bridge the gap between what I should eat and what I do eat with the nutrition of 27 fruits and vegetables every day. This is what I call Nutrition Insurance!

Here’s a great video explaining the gap!

Ummm … It’s About Your DNA.

dna 4I just got off the phone with your DNA. Yep, it’s true. It called because it’s concerned that you aren’t aware of its fragility now that you’re getting a little older. Sure, sure, you could do a lot of things when you were younger (and you did), but now your DNA is starting to feel a little out of sorts.

What’s happening as we age is that DNA repair is a bit slower unless we provide a solid nutritional base of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s just not enough that we drop a multi-vitamin or supplement with vitamin A, C and E. As a matter of fact supplementing with some of those individual antioxidants, or multivitamins has proven harmful. Many studies show supplementation increases the incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer and increases mortality from all causes. Now what?

Don’t want to read further? Just watch this two-minute video. It’ll make your DNA happy!

dna 1The key is to actually eat fruits and vegetables. Your DNA responds to nature’s packaging. When you eat an apple you’re not just getting vitamin C or A. When you eat broccoli and kale you aren’t getting three vitamins or seven antioxidants, you’re getting a nutritional package made up of hundreds of phytonutrients. Your DNA responds to whole foods because it has evolved through hundreds and thousands of years of eating the whole package. It does not know what to do with single nutrients isolated in a lab.

There is a lot of information on the internet, and a lot of misinformation. In researching this topic I came across a site that put forth specific antioxidants for DNA repair, including beta-carotene and vitamin E, both of which have been shown to cause an increase in overall mortality when taken alone or together. That’s simply irresponsible. Instead of taking supplements, make sure your diet includes nature’s packages high in those antioxidants: spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, peanuts, sunflower seeds and almonds, to name a few.

Don’t want to read further? Just watch this two-minute video. It’ll make your DNA happy!

This singe-nutrient focus hasn’t been around very long. It began in mid-1930 with vitamin B and a semi-synthetic vitamin C, but really took off when Linus Pauling got on board with a high-dose Vitamin C regimen in the 70’s. Prior to Pauling’s interest, there wasn’t much to intrigue the general public, but the cover of the April 6, 1992 issue of Time magazine was a colorful pile of pills with the lead article, “The Real Power of Vitamins: New research shows they may help fight cancer, heart disease, and the ravages of aging.” Unfortunately, the research was flawed, but the supplement makers were all over this and the rest is history. Except that …

vitamin 1In 1994 National Cancer Institute found that smokers who were taking vitamin E, beta-carotene or both were more likely to die than those on placebo. In 1996 another study showed higher mortality from cancer and/or heart disease in the supplement group.

In a 2004 review of randomized trials involving over 170,000 participants, researchers concluded that those taking vitamins C, E, A or beta-carotene had higher mortality. When reviewing the seven best studies, mortality rates were 6% higher in the supplement groups.

Burnt out now? Just watch this two-minute video. It’ll make your DNA happy!

I could list study after study, from 2005 through 2011 showing a strong correlation between vitamin supplementation and an increased risk of death from cancer and heart disease. I’m betting you’re just not that interested in reading all of them. If you are, I invite you to read this article in The Atlantic.

little girl appleThe bottom line in DNA repair is to toss those multi-vitamins in the garbage and focus on whole foods. The USDA recommends that we get 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I would add that you should be thinking variety as well. If all you eat is grapes and oranges, you’re not getting a full spectrum of nutrients. If you or your loved ones subsist on green beans and corn, you aren’t even close to getting the nutrients you need. Variety. Fresh.

I’ll let Dr. Avery, an oncologist from the Cancer Care Center in Montgomery, Alabama have the last word on DNA repair. Click here for this two-minute video. It’ll make your DNA happy!