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Aging is a gift, not a set of restrictions

Aging is a gift, not a set of restrictions

While looking for what’s happening in the Women over 50 space online I came across articles telling me what I can and can’t do/have/wear. Can I tell you how tired I am of people telling women over 50 what NOT to ____________? (fill in the blank) Haven’t we earned the right to wear ripped jeans, ride a skateboard or own a white wicker chair if we want? According to many of the articles I read, among several other things, we should not do those.


I don’t want to ride a skateboard. I did try it in my 40’s and quickly realized that I was not destined to rival Elissa Steamer for the championship, but might be first in line to help an orthopedic surgeon buy a new Beamer! (Steamer, Beamer … did ya see what I did there?) I did, however, recently buy a white wicker chair for my bedroom. It’s where I was sitting when I read that I shouldn’t have bought it, and where I am now writing this post.

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I had just redone the colors, with a new set of bedding, a few pillows, and a couple of cans of spray paint, and realized I’d created a color scheme I’d been dreaming of for years. The only thing missing was a white, wicker chair. Within hours I’d found one on Facebook Marketplace, picked it up, and with the remaining can of spray paint it became the white wicker chair of my dreams … Voila! My dream room became a reality! It is bright, cheerful and makes me smile every time I walk in.

If skateboarding, princess ruffles, or ripped jeans make you happy, do it! To heck with what others say!

Aging is a gift, not a set of restrictions. We get to define what aging looks like … no one else! So, go outside and play or stay inside and read; wear all the makeup you want or none at all; color your hair or don’t; put boy band posters in your bedroom or go traditional; Embrace you!

Wellness is more than the food that you eat or the exercise you do. It’s about the whole of you. This health coach recommends surrounding yourself with joy & memories …

Love yourself!

Nancy Oglesby Health Coaching would appreciate being considered for your next wellness program. Check here for testimonials and class ideas.

Lessons from a Red Bird

A few months ago I found myself reacting from a place of pure emotion when a friend told me I’d hurt them deeply. I apologized and apologized and asked what I could do to repair things. What I didn’t do was take the time to reflect on the situation.

So, why was I apologizing? Because someone had said I’d hurt their feelings deeply and I wanted to fix it, even when, as it turned out, it wasn’t mine to fix.

CardinalI thought of this the other day when a cardinal hit my patio window and was knocked to the ground. He was completely disoriented and didn’t immediately try to fly away, even though he couldn’t have been comfortable with me standing so close to him (as you can see by the picture).

What he did was sit perfectly still and wait, for a very long time. When he had taken enough time to check in with himself, he moved a bit and flew a short distance away, carefully testing his ability after this unsettling encounter.

How differently would things have gone for my friendship had either of us taken a moment to sit perfectly still and check in with our hearts, to listen to Spirit within? Both of us are kindhearted, loving, spiritual women and neither would intentionally hurt anyone, much less each other.

As I reflect, I realize that we were both disoriented and could have learned much from the birds. Hopefully I will remember this lesson in the future, to take a moment and be still before I begin to flap my wings.

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17 Healthy Choices: 1 Simple Change

1 SIMPLE CHANGE LOGODoes getting healthy seem overwhelming? Do you think you’re going to have to give up everything you love? Change your entire life?

It doesn’t have to be that way! Instead of worrying about changing your lifestyle completely, pick one thing to change and just make one simple change every month or two. In a year you’ll have made six or twelve … TWELVE healthy changes.

It’s not all about food and exercise either. Good health begins with building a satisfying life. Here are some ideas:

  1. If you add in a salad a day, it will be a big deal to your heart, eyes, skin, immune system, basically everything. Make it a healthy, veggie and nut rich salad, topped with a dressing made from healthy oils and spices and you have added powerful prevention to your life!
  2. You can add in meditation. Just five minutes of meditation a day can bring a reduction in stress!
  3. Work on improving your relationships through discussion and reading. There are a lot of books available on how to build healthy relationships. Pick one to read and implement some of the strategies. Not enough? Link up with a great counselor. It often helps to have a neutral party to support you while you navigate through the issues.
  4. Begin a search for a spiritual home. Studies show over and over that people with a fulfilling spiritual life are healthier.
  5. Step out and meet new people. There are several opportunities from church groups, meetup.com, support groups and special interest groups.
  6. Volunteer to serve others and you’ll have the opportunity to build new friendships.
  7. Try exercising three times a week. Start slow and build up. Often people start out too fast and burn out really quickly. Try for three times of gentle exercise while you build the habit and add in sessions and/or intensity as you get stronger.
  8. Take a class, learn a language, join a book club, explore your community!
  9. Add in more fruits and vegetables.
  10. Take a healthy living class. Check your local library events.
  11. Switch a trip to the vending machine for raw walnuts and a mini box of raisins … Just one simple change will add up to better health in no time!
  12. Drink a bottle of water in place of one of the sodas or cups of coffee you drink. After that’s easy, replace another.
  13. Visit stores with a healthy mission and spend time looking at the food. What’s different? Read the labels and learn about healthy options.
  14. Buy grass fed, grass finished beef or pastured, non-GMO fed chicken. Taste the difference.
  15. Take an exercise class or an aquatic exercise class. Most centers have a try-before-you-buy option. Often you can pay for a day at a time. Give it a try!
  16. Flood your body with 30 fruits and veggies by ordering and taking Juice Plus+. As Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” (And from the number of people who suffered from a very nasty flu this winter, I’m thankful for that ounce of prevention!) You can order it on my website. I recommend starting with the basic Garden and Orchard Blends. Cost runs approximately $44/month.
  17. Sign up for a SoulCollage® class where you will learn how to connect with your inner wisdom through the use of book and magazine images, scissors and glue. For more information visit SoulCollage

Make one simple change every month or two and by the end of a year you’ll feel better, look better and will have set yourself up for a higher quality of life long term. You can choose to feel energetic, healthy and happy. Following the one simple change formula will get you there.

Show Your Body Some Love

1 body loveWe hear a lot about body image and how celebrities and the media distort every image we see. As they talk about it we see attempts to reverse the perfection modelling that accosts us every minute of every day.

Unfortunately, even as some try to negotiate for more reality, the distortion to reality images are probably in the neighborhood of a million to one … if not higher.

I can think of a couple of ways to take a stand for reality:

1)     Watch British television. Most of the shows I’ve watched do NOT glamorize their characters. I’ve watched all of the episodes of Doc Martin and Midsomer Murders. The characters are every bit as flawed as you and I. I’ve seen red chins, splotches, less-than-flat tummies and actual thighs. Arms jiggle and hair droops. Check them out on Acorn TV, Netflix or Hulu.

2)     Most importantly, close your eyes and focus on how grateful you are for the mysteries that your body holds; the things it can do! You have cells that do amazing things, nervous, muscular, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, excretory and skeletal systems that are miraculous.

If you want to get up and cross the room, most of us just get up and cross the room. Scratch an itch? We don’t think much about that do we? We don’t think about the timing we’ll need to contract the right muscle at the right time or the order in which the muscles will be used. We don’t even need to be aware of our thoughts … we just get up and cross the room.

Whether it’s digesting our food, absorbing nutrients, filtering toxins, breathing in fresh air and exhaling carbon dioxide, sitting, standing, dancing, learning or sleeping … Our bodies are miracles that allow us to navigate our day.

It was a beautiful Spring weekend in Kansas City and many of us spent time outdoors doing yard work, walking our dogs, gardening, washing the car, playing ball or enjoying a picnic with friends. Whatever you were doing, it was your body that made it possible.

There are so many reasons to be grateful for, and love your body!

Another word I hear a lot is gratitude. 1 body love 2Seeing it can make you turn away thinking, “I practice gratitude often, so I don’t need to think about that now.” Maybe you do need to think about it if you spend a lot of time badmouthing your body.

Do you hear yourself? Often we don’t. “My hair is too thin.” “My skin is too pale.” “My skin is too dark.” “My teeth are crooked.” “My thighs are too bulgy.” “My feet are disgusting.” “My stomach sticks out.” “I’m fat.” “My hair is too thick.” “My arms are hairy.” “I have too many freckles.” “My breasts are too small.” “My breasts are too big.” “My fingers are too short.” “My hands look like man hands.” “My hands are effeminate.” “I have absolutely no chest hair.” “I look like a bear.”

STOP!!! Reread the list above. Make your own list of all the things you can do (Which is pretty much everything!) and take a minute to say, “Thank you!”

Being grateful for what your body can currently do can lead you to think about what you want it to be able to do for years to come. And, that kind of thinking might just lead you to make some lifestyle choices that will support your body for years to come.

You know the saying about giving? You get back so much more than you give? It is so true of your body! Show that body of yours some gratitude by giving it more of what it wants … Whole, nutritious food and a bit of movement. The reward will be years and years of better health allowing you to do the things you love for much longer.

That’s some major getting back so show your body some love and gratitude!

With Blessings,
Nancy Oglesby, the Practical Health Coach
Simplifying Healthy Lifestyle Changes

If you enjoy reading my blog, how about sharing it with friends who might also be interested? And, if you enjoy reading the blog, think the ideas are good, but just don’t seem to make them happen in your life? You might be a perfect candidate for the coaching process. Contact me to schedule a FREE Strategy Session by visiting my website www.healthworkskc.com/forms. Fill out the appropriate form and when I receive it I’ll contact you to set up a time to talk. The session is done over the phone, lasts about 45 minutes and you will definitely have one or two strategies when the call is over. (I do not hard sell the coaching process!)


What? I Need to Pack Green Stuff?

If you were starting on a trip then you’d probably have done some planning and packed accordingly. Starting on your journey to better health & weight loss is no different. You must plan and pack.

What are you going to pack? Nutrients! How are you going to do that? By adding in fruits and vegetables. There are a number of ways to achieve this.

  • Salads. First of all, salads are available everywhere so that helps make it easy. Add in a salad of mixed lettuces and greens with a lot of added goodies like snow peas, carrots, tomatoes, orange slices, strawberries, cucumbers, avocado, peppers, sprouts, onions, red cabbage, jicama, pineapple, apples, celery, broccoli, pears, cranberries (Not too many. There’s added sugar on dried cranberries.), grapes … the list is endless. Be adventurous and try new things!
    Top it off with a tablespoon of chopped nuts, a healthy oil and vinegar dressing and you’ll be packing in the nutrients!
  • Sliced veggie trays aren’t just for company. Bring one home with your greensweekly shopping and set it out while you cook dinner, or between meals as a great snack. Buy or make some hummus for dip and you’ll have a powerhouse of nutrition!
  • To start your day, or for your afternoon break, have a green smoothie. For a great outline of how to create a smoothie click here.
  • Add greens to stir fry’s, omelets and soups. Buy a bag of washed, cut greens and toss it in your freezer just the way you brought it home from the store. When frozen, smash it down to about half its size so it takes up less room. That way it’s convenient when you want to add it in.
  • Fresh fruit, combined with an ounce ofhealthworkskc, almonds, nuts, emotional eating, cravingyour favorite nuts is the perfect snack. The  fiber, protein and healthy fat found in nuts slows down the absorption of the sugar from the fruit giving you long-lasting satisfaction!
  • Brush veggies with Extra Virgin Olive oil and put it on the grill … Inside or out. I love my Foreman Grill!
  • Instead of drinking fruit juice eat the fruit with your breakfast. You’ll get the benefit of the natural fiber that’s lost when you pour your fruit from a carton or can.
  • Make frozen fruit pops by blending up your milk of choice with your favorite fruits. Pour into molds and enjoy on a warm day. I love to mix orange and pineapple with coconut milk and a touch of vanilla … YUM!
  • Roast your veggies. If you haven’t tasted the difference, you brussels-sproutsneed to try it. Roasted vegetables have an incredibly rich flavor. Just Google ‘roast cauliflower’ or ‘roast carrots’ or ‘roast vegetables’ for temps and times.
  • Don’t rely on packaged goods that say, “12 servings of fruits and vegetables per serving” as a way of getting goodness into your diet. There’s no telling how many nutrients are left after all of the processing, so opt for fresh when at all possible and if not, go for frozen. What I tell my clients is, “Eat real food! You know, that stuff that looks like food.”

None of the above will happen just by reading this post and thinking about it. You’ll have to sit down and figure out what and when you are going to make some of these additions and then shop accordingly. Planning for your journey by packing in fresh, whole nutrients is just what you need to make it to your destination with high energy, great health and a new level of happiness!

See you on the road,
Nancy Oglesby, The Practical Health Coach

Healthy & Fit Over 50 Happiness Tips #1

Happiness, or satisfaction with your life, plays an enormous part in your overall well-being. The month of November is officially Gratitude Month, so your timing is perfect! Across the world people are writing out three things they’re grateful for every day. Get in on the action and feel your days get lighter and happier as you realize how much there is to be thankful for.

For more support on how to get started improving your outlook on life and getting healthier as a result, contact me through my website: http://www.HealthWorksKC.com

Healthy & Fit Over 50 Nutrition Tip #1

Inflammation is the root cause of most chronic disease. Check out Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Pyramid for ideas on how you can improve your food choices:


Female & 50+? Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis affects a lot of women over 50 but if you don’t have it now, or have it in a non-debilitating way, you can ward off future problems by doing a couple of things: Walk. Start slow if you’re sedentary, building speed and distance over time. Ladies Home Journal has a great set of exercises and stretches designed to get you started and keep your joints in good shape. (http://www.lhj.com/health/fitness/stay-strong-workout/ ) Diet can also be a huge factor. For more information on how a certified health coach can help you achieve your health goals including building an exercise plan and nutrition plan that supports your joint health, contact me.

Tell Me I Can’t

Doesn’t she epitomize Claiming Your Power? I found it here: http://www.neopets.com/~Quaneshi

Tell me I can’t and I’ll work harder to prove that I can. It’s just who I am. I’ve found a way to put that rebellious streak to good use: When a food calls to me, candy or potato chips, and I give in and eat too much, I buy another one and put it on the table where I’ll see it all day, every day. Every time I walk through my house I see it and each time I give it the old evil eye and say, “YOU will not win this battle … I will!”

It works. I’ve found that I do better when I know the enemy and I look it right in the eye. I like having it where I can see it because there’s little chance of it sneaking up and surprising me. Some examples from over the years:

  • I hung a Dunkin Donut on a pushpin in my studio in the 80’s. I labeled it the ‘First Donut I Didn’t Eat.’ When I left that job two years later the donut was still on the pushpin looking exactly as it had the day I put it up there. Yuck!
  • I quit smoking, a two-pack-a-day habit, cold turkey, with a carton of cigarettes on the passenger seat of my car. Totally successful. Fourteen years smoke-free!
  • I bought Easter candy on sale, ate several pieces while in a total fog, came out of it and put the rest in a candy dish on my dining room table … dusty now!

I stared the enemy right in the eye and claimed my power! Exhilarating!

(As an aside, I can’t tell you I’d be able to walk by my Mom’s Fried Chicken but since I’m the only one who makes it anymore I’m pretty safe … from buying pastured chicken to preparing it is a long time to get over a craving. Occasionally I go through the process and it tastes a little bit like heaven!)

The moral of the story? Know your enemy; Find your fighter’s stance; Claim your power!

It’s important to learn the difference between foods you love and foods that trigger actual binges. You win against food addictions one battle at a time. As you learn and eliminate the foods that trigger binges and cravings the enemy army becomes smaller and weaker while you become stronger both physically and psychologically.

Once you know the enemy you can make conscious choices to eat the foods you love. I find that just knowing a specific food has the capacity to cause massive cravings keeps me clear of it 99% of the time. I also know that when I choose to eat it I need to be on top of my game to prevent a landslide of unhealthy eating.

If you have trouble finding your fighter’s stance or discerning the difference between trigger foods and foods you love, consider hiring a Certified Health Coach. I respect each individual as uniquely designed and recognize that what works for one person isn’t necessarily the answer for the next. I will create a Treasure Map to Better Health during your FREE LifeChanger™ Session. Visit my website at www.healthworkskc.com/contact for more information.

What Should I Stop Doing?

I was asked to write a blog about the single most important thing a person can stop doing to improve their well-being. Wow … One thing? There are so many things one can stop doing: smoking, eating sugar and processed foods, drinking excessively, overeating, doing drugs, staying up late and getting up early, living a stressed out life, ignoring issues rather than dealing with them. The list is long.

A colleague of mine recently wrote a short blog (check it out here) about whether or not you are the type to try to do something or if you just do it. When I was asked to write about what people should stop doing it Dana’s blog came to mind: They should stop trying.

What!?! Stop trying to lose weight/quit smoking/quit drinking/quit eating sugar/get to bed on time??? How will that improve my well-being? First, you won’t be buying into the excuses you come up with since they are no longer necessary. (Just this one, but it’s my birthday, but it’s my second cousin Rose’s birthday, but I did a good job today, but I had a hard day today, but my boss hates me, but I deserve it, but I’m lonely and sad, but, but, but.) Second, trying gives us an excuse to feel better about ourselves without really doing the work required … “Well, I’m trying to fix this.” Third, accepting responsibility for your choices will bring into focus your responsibility for the state of your well-being.

So, what’s the solution? Commitment.  Changing a lifetime of habits takes a commitment. Some habits require cold turkey techniques while others allow you to make small changes over time that add up to big changes … both require a major commitment.

Try saying these statements out loud:

  1. “I will not eat after dinner … no matter what! The way I feel and move depends on it. The quality of my days depends on it.”
  2. “I will try not to eat after dinner. I know it’s better for me.”

Can you feel the difference in these two statements? #1 just feels powerful: I’m in charge here and I accept responsibility for sticking to it! #2 gives up the power right out of the gate and allows for excuse making to take over.

As an example, I’ll use myself since I’m my most well-known subject! I eat when I’m ready to take a break from the day. One slice of watermelon is good, four is ridiculous. So, the above statements are mine. Once I truly commit to something, it happens. Until then, I play with it and totally buy into the excuses for the behavior.

So my advice is to stop trying and failing. It’s depressing as hell and self-defeating. When you’re ready to commit, go for it! If you need help solving a problem or getting to a place of commitment, seek the help of a professional. There are support groups for AA in every town and online. An online support group is what helped me quit smoking cold turkey in 1998. Of course, I recommend a Certified Health Coach (ME!) for weight loss and healthy habits. This is where making small changes can result in big payoffs! Learn more by visiting my website, HealthWorksKC.