Health Classes #1 — Sugar, Cravings & Emotional Eating

The best laid plans are often waylaid ​by a seemingly uncontrollable craving for something sweet or salty. Typically we meet these cravings with junk food: ​ice cream, candy bars, cookies and cake for the sweet tooth, quickly followed up by chips or French fries ​for the salty fix. This interactive presentation gives attendees tools that teach them how to get through cravings easily. This presentation is a great way to support other health initiatives!

As a Certified Health Coach I will show you ways to outsmart your sugar cravings, salt cravings, and give you tools to identify when emotional eating is taking over. This is emotional eating help that has worked for me, and for my clients.

Do you, or someone you love need help with sugar cravings and diabetes? This is the class for you! Just let me know in the Contact Me info, and I’ll make sure to address it for you.

Not everyone has sugar cravings, many people have salt cravings … or sugar and salt cravings! Learn what drives them, and ways to get the to STOP!

You must sign up soon because there’s only room for six! If that changes, of course I can open it up for more, but as of now, we’re limited. It only costs $10 to guarantee your spot! This is a local event, but I’d be happy to do a webinar for you if you get together a group of people in your office or home. Click on Contact Me to request more info.

Eventbrite - Sugar, Cravings & Emotional Eating

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Shred 10 … Detox from What?

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I get asked, “Why detox? What am I detoxing from? Doesn’t my liver handle that?” Let me answer these, and probably more questions you might have about this Shred 10 I keep talking about.

First, the 10 Day Shred … it isn’t about losing ten pounds, although you will probably lose some weight if you have weight to lose. And, yes, your liver handles a LOT, but our livers are being tasked with detoxifying a frightening number of chemicals … many more than the liver has evolved to filter. Babies have measurable levels of BPA, amongshred 10, health coach, toxins, detox, detox diet, health coach near me, health coach kansas city other chemicals in their bloodstream. We are bombarded by pesticides, herbicides, pollution particles that the EPA finds acceptable, but our livers aren’t quite as sure! Children are ingesting the hormones that get added to dairy cows and livestock. Even with the best of intentions, eating everything organic, and even vegan, doesn’t exclude you from the ravages of modern life.

One answer is to join me in the next Shred 10. My team has one every month! That’s ten days of eating clean to help shred the toxins, and shredding unhealthy lifestyle habits while building healthy ones, and you might even shred a few pounds while you’re at it. I’ll be hosting a Shred 10 Grocery Store Tour if this is all new to you, and a Celebration Happy Hour! Come on out and meet and network with professionals, moms, and people who struggle with the same things … may shred 10, health coach, toxins, detox, detox diet, health coach near me, health coach kansas citybe one will be super awesome at one piece of the shred, and you’ll be super audacious at another … Together, you’ll rock it out!

Another thing, none of us is perfect. When a friend started doing this she had no idea what gluten was, or where to look for it, but she did everything else and felt great! Now, she’s done one every month for over a year, and she definitely knows what gluten is. What you learn is how to eat healthy food, and isn’t that really what it’s all about? Let’s take healthy back!

This month we’re starting on July 9th, so you’ll want to connect soon so that you can order what you need to make it happen. Plan on the Grocery Store Tour on Sunday the 8th at 3:00. We’ll determine location based on where everyone lives. The Celebration Happy Hour will be 4:30-630, again in a convenient location, on Wednesday, July 18th. Can’t wait to see everyone!

And, you can do this long distance if you’re not in the Kansas City area! We have a fun private Facebook Group, with contests, motivation, recipes and more! There’s a fitness instructor and me, your health coach!

Just hit the Contact Me button, and let me know you want in on the next Shred 10, and I’ll get you more information.

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Build a Stairway to a Healthy Lifestyle

Creating a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. We make it challenging by delving into a multitude of changes all at once. Instead of beginning a new diet, adding in a regimented exercise program, instantly drinking half your weight in ounces of water and signing up for transcendental meditation, take a few days to figure out a more logical action plan … a more sustainable approach.

I’ve found that the best way to do this is to find a few hours, split up if  necessary, to sit down and reflect and journal about what you want to change. What are the reasons for the change? Your reasons could be many, or singular. Maybe you want to lose weight, impact a health condition or boost your energy. Often people want to make changes in order to avoid a specific disease for which they have a genetic predisposition.

When you focus on the reason for the changes, you can get clear about the starting point. Rather than doing everything at once and failing at the one or two-month mark, you can start building habits that will support your intended outcome. Let’s say you are prone to kidney stones. An obvious first step would be to drink more water. Once you build that habit you can move on to another. Maybe there’s a food element involved in the development of your kidney stones. In this case, removing certain foods from your diet makes sense.

Let’s build a stairway to great health, one step at a time. As a Certified Health Coach I can help you identify and successfully achieve your healthy living goals. Check out my other blog posts and the Coaching section of my website for more. I have a toolbox full of things that will help you achieve your goals. Use the Contact Me section and let’s make it happen!

My mission is to support you in creating the healthy lifestyle you desire.



Easy, Healthy Lunches for Busy Families

I taught a class this week on Smart Nutrition for Busy Families, and as I prepared for the class, I went through a multitude of websites looking for the best of the best. Here are just a few that I found.

First of all, as a Juice Plus+ rep, I would be remiss if I didn’t share the amazing website that was put together by a super-talented group of National Marketing Directors in our company. There are many things to choose from over at Healthy Living Revolution, but if you have children, I recommend clicking on the Start Strong tab at the top. There you’ll find the Start Strong Kids playbook. It’s loaded with simple, fun ways to inspire healthy choices, from a Lunch Box Planning Guide and Smart Snacks to sticker sheets, broken out by age group, each with 20 healthy activities. And, there are printable awards for your daring Start Strong Ambassadors.

Over at Nourish Interactive there is so much going on that you might want to set a timer before you start clicking, otherwise you’re likely to look up two hours later and wonder where the time went. From meal plans and recipes to games and educational printouts, you’re unlikely to get bored here!

I loved looking at the variety of food in the school lunches on Life Made Sweeter, but I took it a step further so that kids look forward to actually eating their lunch rather than throwing half of it away. Instead of putting together entire lunches, purchase individual containers, either crystal clear or multicolored, and pack with bite sized fruit and veggies, popcorn, nuts and seeds, a few chocolate chips, energy bites (go to my contact me page for recipes), small sandwich bites … well, you can see the fun things in those pictures, and there are lists in the Start Strong book. In the morning, let the kids pick one or two from each category (Main, Fruit, Veg, Treats) and pack their own lunch.

Those are just a couple of ideas. There are hundreds of great ideas out there, so set that timer, and get started! Let me know your favorite ideas in the comments section.


Car Seats and Bicycle Helmets

Child safety is incredibly important. Statistics show that we have reduced childhood deaths from accidents through the use of car seats.

  • Car seat use reduces the risk for death to infants (aged <1 year) by 71%; and to toddlers (aged 1–4 years) by 54% in passenger vehicles.1
  • Booster seat use reduces the risk for serious injury by 45% for children aged 4–8 years when compared with seat belt use alone.2

Bicycle helmets are another accepted form of protection, and the statistics on that are also heartening

  • This review included five well conducted case‐control studies and found that helmets provide a 63–88% reduction in the risk of head, brain and severe brain injury for all ages of bicyclists.3

That’s a big deal for parents because we all want the best for our children. We would no more drive to the store without them strapped securely in place, than we would leave a loaded gun in the drawer where we keep the remotes.

Why then, do we barely blink when we give them candy, cupcakes, chips, soda, nuggets and french fries on a regular basis? Why are we worshiping at the altar of Big Food by fixing Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for dinner, ordering from Pizza Hut, running through Wendy’s Drive-Thru or sending them to school with Lunchables and microwaving Totino’s Pizza Rolls for movie night? Let’s not forget Fruit Loops for breakfast, or IHOP on Sunday morning for sugar-laden pancakes with a side of white flour biscuits and sausage gravy? Fat, sugar and salt … Where does it end?

I know you don’t think it will happen to you, but diabetes, cancer and heart disease will happen to 1 out of 2 children born today. What makes you think your child won’t be one of them? If it’s because you take care with their diet and encourage physical activity, then you’re probably right in thinking your child’s chances are much lower. If you don’t, well, you make up most of the other half and you are setting your child up for chronic disease.

  • “We can now forecast that a child born today has a 1 in 2 chance of developing cancer at some point in their lives”4
  • “One of every three deaths in the U.S. in 2013 were from heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases”5

Not so much worried about what happens when they’re 30, 50 or 70? How about this: Nutrition is critically important in brain development. We all want our kids to smart and successful, right? Give them the best chance!

Candy, cake, ice cream, sugary cereals and soda should not have a regular place in your child’s life. Birthdays and Christmas, sure, but just because it’s Tuesday? No. It’s your job as a parent to do what is right for your child whether it makes them happy or not. By putting your stamp of approval on junk food, you’re sending a clear message that it’s okay. It’s never too late to start sending a message of health and wellness. Why not start today?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I don’t have to navigate this minefield, but I also didn’t have bicycle helmets or car seats to worry about. Heck, I didn’t have to put on a seat belt every time I got in the car either. You care. You know it, and so do I. The choice is yours.

You certainly don’t have to buy my book, (my blog has tons of ideas) but it does give you ideas for stepping into a journey of good health. It’s available on Amazon. Search for: No Kale Required: Healthy Eating Ideas for the Rest of Us. Another book that was recommended by a healthy mom is, Getting to Yum. I’m sure it’s also available on Amazon.

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Healthy Connections July 2017

Health in the News with Nancy Oglesby

Harvard School of Public Health’s Nutrition Action Newsletter reports that, Improving diet quality over time linked with reduced risk of premature death”.The study shows the impact of making healthy changes over time, in this case twelve years. As many of you know, my book No Kale Required: Healthy Eating Ideas for the Rest of Us, is 90+ pages of simple changes you can make in your diet to improve your health. This research is validation that it’s worth it to start today!

Dr. David Katz is my go-to science guy. He breaks down the science that’s in the news, the trendy fad diets and puts it all in scientific perspective. His writing style is an acquired taste, but well worth getting used to! In this article, Two Diet Wrongs Don’t Make a Diet Right, he tells us how they got it wrong in What the Health, the new documentary on Netflix. (Dr. Katz’s Bio)

An excerpt: “If, for instance, my wife and I see a documentary advocating for vegan diets and the narrative suggests that (a) sugar in the diet is not a concern, or (b) deli meats are as likely to cause cancer as smoking, or (c) eating wild salmon is toxic for people, she turns to me and says: “I’m confused.” The goal of documentaries about diet should not be perpetual confusion and doubt.

If my wife is confused by food documentaries, I have to infer that she has a lot of company. Catherine has a PhD in neuroscience from Princeton, so she is extremely well educated and exceptionally smart. She lives with a nutrition expert husband, and is an expert cook in her own right. Yet, diet documentaries tend to confuse even my wife. Why?”

So, that’s the latest in health & wellness news. As always, I’d love to be considered for a speaking gig at your church, organization or company. For classes, visit my website at, or shoot me an email.

I bridge the gap between what I should eat and what I do eat with the nutrition of 27 fruits and vegetables every day. This is what I call Nutrition Insurance!

Here’s a great video explaining the gap!


Affirmations only work when you use them, when you step into the belief. In order to do that, you must answer any negative thoughts that arise as you read each affirmation. Begin by writing each negative on a separate sheet, and then create a response that debunks its truthfulness.

For instance, the affirmation you’ve written reads: “I enjoy healthy foods that nourish my body,” but what’s going through your mind is, “Oh yeah, like that fried chicken you ate was healthy … right” or, “Who are you kidding? You don’t even like salads!”

In response, you might choose to write: “Hey, I have many years of successfully choosing healthy foods, and when I was doing that, I loved the taste of a fresh, healthy salad!”

Here’s another example: “I enjoy regular exercise.” My monkey chatter tends to follow this line: “Sell it to someone else because I’m not buying! You hate working out because you get bored and feel every ache.”

In response, try this: “I enjoy the sense of accomplishment I have after a workout session. It’s especially encouraging that I feel stronger and healthier.”

Science has proven that attitude is everything. If you step into the belief that you enjoy the positive change you’re making, write an affirmation to support it, and answer the negatives, you will come out a winner.

As you say your affirmations a couple of times a day, one day you’ll feel a shift as your negative thoughts drop away. You are on your way to success! But, don’t take my word for it, check out affirmations on Google. You’ll find a lot of information, along with a lot of examples. Find ones that work for you, answer the negatives and you’ll reach the stars!

delicious cupcakes

Get to the Bottom of Cravings & Emotional Eating

Get to the bottom of your cravings and emotional eating with a few steps … Notice I didn’t say ‘simple steps.’

The key to discovering the reasons for your cravings is awareness. If you aren’t even aware that they’re happening until it’s too late, then you’ve missed that golden opportunity to uncover why they showed up in the first place.

First, be aware that there are two kinds of cravings: Physical and Emotional.

Physical cravings are the result of not eating enough food, or eating the wrong type of food. You might have eaten a big breakfast, but if it didn’t have enough fiber, fat and protein to sustain you until your next meal, chances are that your blood sugar will tank and despite your best intentions, you will not have a light lunch, you’ll stop at a convenience store or go through the drive-thru and get a carb-heavy lunch that definitely has fat and protein, but probably little fiber, and zero good carbs.

The key to physical cravings is to eat in a manner that supports a nice blood sugar balance. High quality, lean protein like that found in eggs, turkey, chicken and beans, along with fresh fruit and whole grain toast is a great breakfast.

If you don’t have time to make it, find a shake mix that works for you. There are several on the market but my favorite is Juice Plus+ Complete French Vanilla. I add fruit, cinnamon, ginger and a touch of coconut oil and I’m good for the morning! Try having a cup of green tea mid-morning to assist in a little blood sugar regulation and write down how you feel.Continue your day with healthy, whole grains, fruits, veggies and lean proteins, keep track and see if your cravings are reduced.

My favorite snack idea is a piece of fruit (right now I’m seriously hung up on oranges) and an ounce (1/4 cup) of raw nuts. Fruit, fiber, protein and healthy fat … the best!

Are your cravings still a problem? Check in next week when I talk about ways to get a handle on Emotional Eating. In the meantime, keep a journal of what’s going on during your day, what you eat and when you eat it. I know it’s annoying, but it’s really the only way to get to the bottom of things.
kindle-coverFor a lot more on how to handle cravings, build healthy eating habits and alternatives to what not to eat, hop over to Amazon and buy a copy of my new book, No Kale Required: Healthy Eating Ideas for the Rest of Us. Buy the paperback for $11.99 and you get the Kindle version FREE!

Pizza and Beer

_0jpjeqtsyg-carissa-ganPizza and beer? Really? What in the world does that have to do with living a healthy and fit lifestyle?

Wellness isn’t just about the food we eat or the exercises we do, it’s about joy and loving life, and if pizza is your favorite food, you will be stressed out and miserable when you see it in the grocery store, advertised in magazines, or when you’re out with friends and they order that extra-large, cheesy deliciousness and the server plops it down right in front of you so that the smell of the fresh-baked crust and those fabulous toppings drifts right up your nose!

So, we need to be realistic. Pizza doesn’t have to be on the list of foods you can never indulge in, but you can’t have it every day either. The solution? Eat healthy during the week and splurge on pizza and beer on Friday or Saturday night. Choose a time when you will really enjoy it and you’ll get an enthusiastic, “Go for it!” from me.

The key is to choose healthy foods during the week and keep your portions in check. What a terrific reward. Bada Bing!kindle-cover

To learn more about healthy eating, check out my book No Kale Required: Healthy Eating Ideas for the Rest of Us available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


An Open Apology To Dolly Parton 

A lovely read.


Dear Dolly,

10040291_300x300I’ll be honest. I used to think you were a bimbo. I used to think you flaunted your big boobs, teased hair, tiny waist, and your syrupy-sweet southern accent just to sell yourself and your brand as a country singer. Granted, I was raised in the Midwest and lived as an adult for many years in the Northeast. I didn’t get you, much less the South.

For example, I’d heard about your origins as a poor girl from the hills of East Tennessee, and when I learned you’d created a theme park in your native Sevier County I rolled my eyes. “Really, a theme park?” I thought. “As if rollercoasters will really help the people of rural Appalachia. Why not create something truly useful to give back to your community, like a library.”


You have created a library, actually, and possibly in a bigger and more…

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