Feel Good Friday

Friday is the perfect time to think about how your week went and what you can do to make next week even better. Every Friday I’ll be sharing news and tips about healthy choices that might work for you. So, let’s get started!

Click on the image above for Dr. Weil’s article in the NYTimes with information about how you can get an effective workout done in 7 minutes.

What’s the #1 thing you can do to prevent, reverse and/or reduce chronic disease? Eat more fruits and veggies! Click the picture above to read a great article about the benefits.

You’ve heard me talk about making simple changes that add up over
time. One Simple Change that I started in February was to begin every day with the nutrition in over 50 fruits, veggies and other plant-based foods. They give me energy, support my immune system, reduce oxidation and keep me focused. I create a smoothie ,with all of that goodness and it actually tastes great! Crazy, yes? All that has to be expensive, right? Wrong! I pay just $5.07 per day. I can’t even get a muffin and a cup of coffee for that!
If you’d like more information, or a sample, visit my website at http://www.healthworkskc.com and let me know and I’ll make sure to fix you up!


Tidbit Tuesday-Chia Seeds


Wow! These little, bitty seeds pack a wallop! 1oz. (1T + 1/2t) has 8.6g fat, 4.4g protein (high quality containing all essential amino acids except for taurine), 12g carbohydrate, 11g fiber; 1620mg Omega6, 4915mg Omega3, 18% DV of calcium and it’s also high in phosphorous, and manganese. Chia also contains zinc, potassium, copper, niacin, folic acid and magnesium.

All that nutrition is packed into a tiny seed that’s tasteless! That means you can add it to almost anything without affecting the taste. Go ahead, sprinkle it on salads, cereal and yogurt or blend it up in your smoothie. (See Mad About Monday 2-6-12

So, what are the health claims? The Aztecs ate chia seeds for energy. It is reported to be mildly anti-inflammatory, slows the digestion of carbohydrates helping to regulate blood sugar, lowers bad and raises good cholesterol, aids in weight loss and helps to control cravings. Because it’s loaded with anti-oxidants it aids in the prevention of heart disease and hypertension and should be included in any anti-aging strategy. It also aids in hydration and is great for your skin

As if all that isn’t enough, unlike flax seed, chia doesn’t need to be ground to get the benefits, making it easier and faster to use; and it doesn’t need careful handling because it doesn’t get rancid due to the high levels of anti-oxidants. I’ve read that you can keep them for two years.

Chia seeds turn liquid into a gel-like substance that surrounds the seed. It makes a fantastic base for a raw pudding. I got the following recipe from rawfoodswitch.com:

1/4c chia seeds, 1.5c almond or other nut milk, dash of vanilla, sweetener of choice (I love pure maple syrup). Put all ingredients in a glass jar, shake to mix and refrigerate overnight … Voila! Pudding!

As a variation, I plan to try adding 1T of raw cacao to the mix … yum!

How the 10-Day Detox Changed My Life

hyman book I can say that it feels great to have energy, to sleep better and to be losing weight! It’s hard for me to even think back to how I felt before I did my first 10-Day Detox on January 5th, because I’ve stuck with the program and I feel so much better. I thought I would go crazy without any bread, pasta or cereal, but it’s been pretty easy. Then I thought I’d go crazy without coffee … Again, pretty easy. (I did add back in decaf after about 15 days and I enjoy it every morning, but I really didn’t have much trouble before that.) And who doesn’t think that sugar will be HUGE!? Yeah, me too, but it was hardly a blip on the radar.

The good things that have happened?

  • I sleep like a baby
  • My energy is very high
  • Working out isn’t the big drag that it used to be
  • My circulation has improved so much that I can walk my dogs in this cold, frigid air and not have my fingers about to freeze off regardless of the type of gloves/mittens I’ve got on.
  • My skin is glowing. True story–just ask the three people who have said that!
  • I have lost several inches and pounds. I must admit, I’d lose more if I’d eat smaller portions, but right now I’m just trying to get a handle on eating the right foods.
  • And while I don’t have independent verification, I think that my brain is working better.

Here are some testimonials from the past two groups:

Say What

“ … the best gift I’ve ever given myself. Thanks so much Nancy, I’m telling all my friends!”

“I have enjoyed the 10-day detox and cannot believe 10 days have passed. I feel amazing! I was a little worried beginning the program that I would have major cravings, but I found it easy.”

“I am going to continue on with the program, being mindful of what I eat. Everyone should do this detox. Nancy, thank you for a great 10 days!”

They each lost a minimum of 5-6 pounds. Some lost 10 pounds in 10 days!

So, what are you waiting for? The next group starts Monday, the 23rd with a prep call on the 21st! I’ve talked about this for several weeks, and you can do it with or without signing up for my support group (A mere $24.95 with the Promo Code: SOCIAL) which offers you a private, secret Facebook group, guides and four group support/coaching calls. You do have to buy the book which you can do by clicking here.

This detox can truly change your medical status by reducing yourdoc patient

  • Blood Sugar
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Weight
  • Inflammation

I believe in supporting people in improving the quality of their lives. This isn’t sissy stuff … it’s really important stuff … stuff that can totally change how you feel as you age. The conditions this reverses are conditions that can stop you in your tracks and leave you barely able to get around, even kill you. You can begin to live again.

All you have to do, if you want to do it on your own is buy the book, which you can do by clicking here. If you do want to the extra support you get from fellow detox participants and MOI, click here to sign up. It’s easy. Just do it.

I would love to have you join me. It’s a fabulous way to find out just how easy it is, to regulate your blood sugar and get off the sugar merry-go-round for good!

Lessons from a Red Bird

A few months ago I found myself reacting from a place of pure emotion when a friend told me I’d hurt them deeply. I apologized and apologized and asked what I could do to repair things. What I didn’t do was take the time to reflect on the situation.

So, why was I apologizing? Because someone had said I’d hurt their feelings deeply and I wanted to fix it, even when, as it turned out, it wasn’t mine to fix.

CardinalI thought of this the other day when a cardinal hit my patio window and was knocked to the ground. He was completely disoriented and didn’t immediately try to fly away, even though he couldn’t have been comfortable with me standing so close to him (as you can see by the picture).

What he did was sit perfectly still and wait, for a very long time. When he had taken enough time to check in with himself, he moved a bit and flew a short distance away, carefully testing his ability after this unsettling encounter.

How differently would things have gone for my friendship had either of us taken a moment to sit perfectly still and check in with our hearts, to listen to Spirit within? Both of us are kindhearted, loving, spiritual women and neither would intentionally hurt anyone, much less each other.

As I reflect, I realize that we were both disoriented and could have learned much from the birds. Hopefully I will remember this lesson in the future, to take a moment and be still before I begin to flap my wings.

Please check out my current offerings, a 10-Day Detox beginning on February 23rd. Save $5 by using the promo code: SOCIAL, and for those in the KC Metro, I’m having an Introduction to SoulCollage® Workshop on February 21st from 9-Noon. Click the links for more info. Thanks!

17 Healthy Choices: 1 Simple Change

1 SIMPLE CHANGE LOGODoes getting healthy seem overwhelming? Do you think you’re going to have to give up everything you love? Change your entire life?

It doesn’t have to be that way! Instead of worrying about changing your lifestyle completely, pick one thing to change and just make one simple change every month or two. In a year you’ll have made six or twelve … TWELVE healthy changes.

It’s not all about food and exercise either. Good health begins with building a satisfying life. Here are some ideas:

  1. If you add in a salad a day, it will be a big deal to your heart, eyes, skin, immune system, basically everything. Make it a healthy, veggie and nut rich salad, topped with a dressing made from healthy oils and spices and you have added powerful prevention to your life!
  2. You can add in meditation. Just five minutes of meditation a day can bring a reduction in stress!
  3. Work on improving your relationships through discussion and reading. There are a lot of books available on how to build healthy relationships. Pick one to read and implement some of the strategies. Not enough? Link up with a great counselor. It often helps to have a neutral party to support you while you navigate through the issues.
  4. Begin a search for a spiritual home. Studies show over and over that people with a fulfilling spiritual life are healthier.
  5. Step out and meet new people. There are several opportunities from church groups, meetup.com, support groups and special interest groups.
  6. Volunteer to serve others and you’ll have the opportunity to build new friendships.
  7. Try exercising three times a week. Start slow and build up. Often people start out too fast and burn out really quickly. Try for three times of gentle exercise while you build the habit and add in sessions and/or intensity as you get stronger.
  8. Take a class, learn a language, join a book club, explore your community!
  9. Add in more fruits and vegetables.
  10. Take a healthy living class. Check your local library events.
  11. Switch a trip to the vending machine for raw walnuts and a mini box of raisins … Just one simple change will add up to better health in no time!
  12. Drink a bottle of water in place of one of the sodas or cups of coffee you drink. After that’s easy, replace another.
  13. Visit stores with a healthy mission and spend time looking at the food. What’s different? Read the labels and learn about healthy options.
  14. Buy grass fed, grass finished beef or pastured, non-GMO fed chicken. Taste the difference.
  15. Take an exercise class or an aquatic exercise class. Most centers have a try-before-you-buy option. Often you can pay for a day at a time. Give it a try!
  16. Flood your body with 30 fruits and veggies by ordering and taking Juice Plus+. As Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” (And from the number of people who suffered from a very nasty flu this winter, I’m thankful for that ounce of prevention!) You can order it on my website. I recommend starting with the basic Garden and Orchard Blends. Cost runs approximately $44/month.
  17. Sign up for a SoulCollage® class where you will learn how to connect with your inner wisdom through the use of book and magazine images, scissors and glue. For more information visit SoulCollage

Make one simple change every month or two and by the end of a year you’ll feel better, look better and will have set yourself up for a higher quality of life long term. You can choose to feel energetic, healthy and happy. Following the one simple change formula will get you there.

Who Do Your Taste Buds Belong To?

chocolate cookies First of all, sugar just won’t stay off my radar this year. No matter where I turn I see articles about it. I was contracted to teach two classes about it. I was asked to facilitate a 10-Day Sugar Detox group. Today I received an email with the heading, ‘The 7 Deadly Truths of Sugar’ and another a few weeks ago that said, “Sugar is the New Nicotine!” Last, but certainly not least, I recently had a run-in with sugar disrupting my healthy eating plan. (I’m back on track, staying prepared, and have no cravings at all!)

So, exactly who do your taste buds belong to? Food companies manipulate their food using sugar, salt, and fat to increase the likelihood that you will consume more. Their goal, much like the tobacco companies years ago, is to make their products more attractive and more addictive so that you’ll consume greater quantities. This makes the shareholders happy and provides hefty bonuses to management. Research shows that sugar affects our dopamine receptors and that people addicted to sugar require ever greater amounts to reach the same level of satisfaction … and so we keep eating!

For more on how we are all victims of food giants out of control, read the book, Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, by Michael Moss, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. It’s a real eye-opener and I’ve never looked packaged food the same since.

Why is taste bud manipulation such a bad thing?Potato Chips All it takes is a look at the soaring costs of health care (or sick care) in our country to know that things aren’t working well. Most Americans are happy to take a pill, or five or eight pills to ‘solve’ the symptoms they’re experiencing and that makes the pharmaceutical companies happy! Doctors aren’t taught nutrition and most won’t advise something they don’t understand, or they take their cue from the USDA which is run by former food giant executives. Even if you bring in research that shows it to be true most doctors aren’t interested in hearing about it. Don’t believe me? Tell your doctor that you’re going to change your lifestyle instead of taking a statin for high cholesterol or high triglycerides.

What if I told you that you could feel fabulous without any prescription medications? Would you believe me? It’s true for many people. What if I told you that you could most likely reverse heart disease with diet and exercise, or forget you ever had asthma? Maybe the arthritis in your hands prevents you from doing something you love … You can lessen, and often get rid of the pain when you change your diet.

So, what is deadly about sugar? What are some of the conditions that consumption of sugar leads to and/or exacerbates?

  • High Cholesterol
  • High Triglycerides
  • Obesity
  • Heart Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes (Type 2)
  • Inflammation
  • Aging Skin
  • Asthma
  • Immune System Suppression leaving your body less
    capable of warding off infection.
  • Fatty Liver Disease
  • Gout
  • Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)
  • Hypertension
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Slowed Metabolism

nutsBy taking sugar out of our diets long enough to reset our system, then adding back in healthy sweet options, we can take back control of how we feel and how we age. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but as we hit our 50’s and 60’s it really comes home to us: “It’s not the length of a life, it’s the quality of that life.” In other words, I’m not enthralled by living to 100 unless I feel good and am able to enjoy myself.

Shameless plug
Here’s the good news! You can reset your metabolism and get your blood sugar stabilized in just a few days! One of my group members said, “I am so happy now that my focus isn’t always centered on food!” and another, “They had donuts at work, I had to walk by them all day, and I never even wanted one!” It feels almost magical!

Each person who started on this journey was convinced that they would be suffering and unable to do without their soda or coffee or sugar. Even on the first day they were shocked … It’s crazy how easy it is! When you are putting the best nutrition into your body, in a well-planned way, you quit craving. Magical!

A new group is starting the 10-Day Sugar Detox on Monday, February 23rd with a preparation call on Saturday the 21st. The call is recorded so if you can’t make one of the calls, you can still benefit from the group’s support! We also have a secret, totally private Facebook group where you can share ideas and ask for support. Click here to register  and use the Promo Code SOCIAL for a $5 discount making the price only $24.95 to kick sugar to the curb! Another benefit is that should you fall off the wagon, you will know how easy it is to climb back on!

My group detox uses the book by Dr. Mark Hyman, The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox, and you can use the same book and do the detox on your own. It’s easier to succeed when there’s an experienced Health Coach there to offer you guidance and options, and with group support; That’s why I offer it, but please consider committing to the detox with or without the group. There are so many good reasons to detox from sugar!

I know it’s hard to imagine when someone tells you they don’t crave much of anything anymore, you don’t believe that they like sweets and junk food as much as you do and that they must have super willpower and you don’t and that there’s no way you’d ever be able to face a day without a candy bar or bag of Cheetos, but every person who’s done this detox felt exactly the same way! They loved their coffee or Cheetos or Milky Way just as much as you love your junk. They just made a choice to change their future … to actually LIVE rather than exist at the whim of Hershey’s, Mars or Blue Bunny.

I would love for you to join us in the upcoming group, but please make the commitment to yourself and take back control. You will feel soooooo good!

Love & Light,