Stick Your Landing – AAA Method

gymnast nadiaYou know how exciting it is when Olympic level gymnasts stick their landing? The commentators and crowd go crazy and the gymnast just beams with pride! What an amazing sense of satisfaction they experience. You also know that they don’t always succeed. As a matter of fact, they probably take a step back more often than not.

What’s the key to that perfect landing? Practice and a willingness to adjust. Champion gymnasts don’t dig in their heels and refuse to change while expecting to stick that landing. They don’t go to the store looking for a magic ‘landing’ pill. They get with their coach, analyze, adjust and go back out and try again.

Changing habits for better health is no different. You’re not going to get healthy by doing the same thing that brought you to obesity or disease. There isn’t a magic pill that will make you healthy, although the pharmaceutical and supplement industries would like you to think otherwise. What will change the course of your health?gymnast 3

The AAA Method

What are the triple A’s?

  1. Attempt the change
  2. Analyze the results
  3. Adjust the plan

How do you succeed? By choosing one habit at a time until you are sticking the landing 80% of the time. That’s when it’s become second nature. For example:

You are 50 pounds overweight, have arthritis, asthma and absolutely no energy. Your coach determines that you need to do several things including adding in a fitness plan, eliminating dairy and wheat, journaling and reducing your reliance on processed carbohydrates. Together you choose one of these things to focus on and you develop a plan. Next you attempt the change, get together to discuss the challenges and successes, analyze the results and adjust the plan. Then you go back to the first A and continue the process until it becomes second nature. That’s when you add in the second change.

gymnast 4You don’t have to work with a certified health coach, but we are trained to identify what’s causing our clients to experience challenges and we have a wealth of experience at finding solutions that will work within a client’s lifestyle.

I would be honored to help you stick that landing! Together we’ll determine the number and frequency of your 30-minute telephone sessions. Some clients do great with a session every two weeks, others are more reassured with weekly sessions in the beginning. There are no contracts to sign. Come in for one session or ten … It’s up to you. If you’d like to discuss coaching further, please email me at:

Nancy Oglesby, the Practical Health Coach
Simplifying Healthy Lifestyle Choices™


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