All or Nothing: My Story

NOI am definitely an all or nothing kinda gal! I often take things out of my diet to see what results, and usually don’t have a lot of trouble doing it. As I said in Monday’s blog, it’s easier for me to just say no. Gluten? None. Dairy? None. Sugar? None. That’s what works best, but … I went through several months recently when I just wasn’t able to sustain it.

Why? I guess I don’t feel bad enough when I cheat small. A piece of garlic bread on Sunday might cause a sneezing fit and itchy eyes. Ice cream on Friday brings on bloating and some minor digestive issues; Not too bad.

But this is how the real trouble starts. You see, Sunday is the start and while I might wait until Friday to cheat again in the first week, the next week I’m cheating on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. At that point my whole system is on overload and a single sneezing episode turns into two and my intestines feel like they’re being strangled by a boa constrictor.

As bad as I feel, it’s the silent damage that’s happening to my cardiovascular, endocrine and pulmonary systems that is even more worrying. Inflammation, the underlying factor in most chronic diseases, is now rampant.

I’m fast approaching 65 years old and I haven’t had to visit a physician for anything other than routine screenings for five years. Why? Because I choose to eat real foods that don’t cause inflammation in my system. If I continue to flirt with the exact foods that my system reacts to, it won’t be long before I join millions and millions of people my age (and younger) who are on prescription drugs for high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma and allergies.

I refuse to do that. So, even though I’ve not had any for awhile, today, in front of this audience, I recommit to:

  • No Dairy
  • No Gluten
  • No Sugar

Not for one day or until Sunday … For all days. There are so many delicious options. Even for ice cream without added sweetener. There are no good excuses for my cheating, so I’m just not going to.

What about you? Is there something that will improve your health that you’ve been resisting taking out of your diet? Would you like to commit to giving it up? Just comment below, and everyone who reads this will be there supporting you! Give it a few months and you’ll find that, you won’t really miss it. It’s when you cheat and have that small amount that makes you miss it more.

All or nothing. That’s me.

Nancy Oglesby, the Practical Health Coach
Simplifying Healthy Lifestyle Choices™




2 thoughts on “All or Nothing: My Story

  1. Diana

    How true Nancy about the “flirting” with those no-no foods. It does only lead to pain, inflammation and illness. My husband and I, after years of trying many different ways of eating (and me repeatedly doing every diet you can think of since I was 9 years old, I’m 50 now) have developed very severe metabolic resistance. We are also unable to tolerate many food that the medical establishment consider healthy, when in fact they make us sick, bloated, inflamed, cause pain and high weight gain, high blood pressure, cholesterol etc. We have moved into a low carb way of eating that does not involve wheat, rice, corn, sugar, any kind of processed food or junk food and for the first time in years, all our symptoms have disappeared (although for me because of the severe metabolic resistance, weight loss is slower – but still 18 pounds is great). BP has lowered, cholesterol lowered, inflammation gone and so on. We have been eating this way for over 3 months now. Everyday I journal what we will eat and it’s carb content. I cook everything from scratch which is really easy when using only whole foods. In the beginning we thought like you, one small cheat on the weekend will be okay… Uh huh, that didn’t work. We are all or nothing people too. We recognize that for us, certain “foods” are poison. They are not food to us. With so much wonderful whole foods out there, and the internet full of ideas and recipes from others eating this way, it’s never dull or boring. It does take a lot of work at first to learn all about it, but it’s worth it in the end for such health benefits. And importantly, all cravings are gone because addictions are broken and because of the higher protein and healthy fats, were sated so we are rarely really hungry.

    1. NancyO Post author

      It gets simpler over time. It also helps when you quit feeling like you have to create the perfect ‘meal.’ I often eat soup for breakfast or just a sandwich for dinner, munching on fruit and veggies throughout the day.

      Fabulous that you took control over your health! So many people are content to just accept the medications and continue eating junk. Bravo!!!!


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