Water … It’s not just water anymore!

cropped sparklingStep One. Oh Wait, We’ve Done a Bunch of Steps Already! (Delicious ‘water’ recipe at bottom.)

Water. Drink more. Tap. Filtered. Sparking. Drink it hot. Drink it iced. Drink it room temp. Stay hydrated for better health.

Most of us think that we’re doing great if we respond to thirst with a glass of water, but if you’ve been a participant in many of my classes or read my blog on cravings, you already know that being dehydrated can mask itself as a craving for sugar instead of thirst setting us off in the direction of candy bars and brownies instead of what we truly need. Experts advise that by the time you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.

If you suffer from stress, stress headaches, tightness and bodily tension drinking water often helps to get your body into balance.

In his internationally acclaimed book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj attributes most illness and disease to dehydration. He concludes that asthma, arthritis, depression migraines, hypertension, multiple sclerosis and other diseases are preventable and curable with ordinary water.

I can’t attest to the veracity of his arguments, but common sense tells you that by drinking more water you will flush toxins from your body faster. (There is a small percentage of the population for whom adding in liquid can be a problem. If you suffer from edema or congestive heart failure or any condition in which the body retains fluids, it’s best to check with your doctor before adding any more liquid to your daily intake.)

Depending on where you live and/or your health, tap water may be the perfect choice. Despite having chemicals added, the water in this country is the safest available and federal standards for tap water are actually higher than for bottled water. Then there’s the planetary burden of plastic bottles and the question of chemical residue in the water and tap water sounds better and better.

If you want to filter out some/most of the chemicals in tap water there are any number of filters available from whole house to faucet to pitcher to bottle. Each type of filter rids you of most chemicals and makes your tap water even safer. Whatever your choice it’s key that you change the filter regularly!

Your hydration level is definitely an individual number. Find what works for you. Consider your personal habits when determining your water intake. If you eat a lot of veggies and fruit you are naturally hydrating yourself, and if you sweat a lot, you’re naturally dehydrating yourself. There’s a big difference in fluid intake with the food choices you make. Dry grains vs veggies … one is nearly water-less and the other is loaded with it. Those are the types of things you need to take into consideration when deciding how much water is right for you.

Whatever your level, it’s definitely helpful to get the majority of your water intake complete before late afternoon. Sound sleep is critical to good health and waking for bathroom breaks definitely interferes!

You don’t just have to drink water although that’s the best choice. Feel free to include herbal teas, soup and lemon water* in your daily count. They are definitely hydrating, just not quite as hydrating as pure water.

Water. Drink more. Tap. Filtered. Sparking. Drink it hot. Drink it iced. Drink it room temp. Stay hydrated for better health.

Here’s my favorite way to add alkalinizing, cold refreshment during the hot summer months. It’s my recipe for Sparkling Lemonade

  • Juice of one small lemon. (Trader Joe’s sells a 1lb. bag of small lemons for $1.49. I think there’s about 6-8 lemons per bag.)
  • 12 drops of liquid stevia
  • 12 ounce can of sparkling water (flavored or plain)

I actually make up pint jars with the lemon juice and stevia added and keep them in my fridge. All I have to do is take one out, pour in a can of sparkling water, ice and gently stir.

For a touch of color add a dash of pomegranate or cherry juice. I also like to put a couple of frozen strawberries in the jar. Lovely!

So, I went to make a glass and found I was out of lemons so the photograph is actually Sparkling Grapefruit … um … ade. And it tastes delicious. I believe I have a new favorite!

This is so much better for you than soda. It’s all natural and is totally refreshing!

Nancy Oglesby, the Practical Health Coach
Simplifying Healthy Lifestyle Choices




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