Challenge #1: I Challenge You to …

Today I am challenging you to add in one healthy habit THIS WEEK!challenge Add in fresh fruit. Add in a green smoothie or salad. Add in a ten-minute walk or a meatless meal. Add in a little self-care. Add in a hearty, protein-rich breakfast. Add in a social gathering or a dance class. Add in journaling. Add in a cooking class. Add in lunch with a good book. Add in date night. Add in a brown rice or quinoa pilaf. Add in a healthy take-out by going to the grocery and picking up a rotisserie chicken and salad from the salad bar. Add in a gratitude list. Add in dancing in the living room to your favorite beat.

Today I am challenging you to add in one healthy habit this week. Start today. Pick an easy one. In a week or two pick another, one a bit more challenging, and make a plan to make it happen.

I’m not just writing these for you to read and forget about. I write them so that you can add in healthy habits. Pick one. Add it in.

I challenge you to better health!

If you’re interested in journaling, I’m offering two classes this week: Thursday, May 15th at 7PM and Saturday, May 17th at 11AM. Both classes are at my office in downtown Overland Park and are offered on a Love Offering basis. Email for details.


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