I Blew Right By My Deadline. Oops!

Well, I missed Monday’s scheduled blog. I was busy planning, shopping and preparing food. I kind of got crazy and was really into it. For those of you that know me, you know food prep and cooking are not my favorite activities, but I was having a great time.

When I next looked at the time it was 8:00PM and I was beat. A good beat! A satisfied beat! A lovely beat!

I have a batch of brown rice (frozen in ½ cup servings), an organic free range chicken broiled a golden brown and smothered in garlic, and a rich, brown chicken gravy to add a delicious moisture to the perfectly cooked white meat. I’ve got a batch of spaghetti sauce simmered with chickpeas and fennel to give it a ‘meaty’ texture, a pineapple is cut and frozen for smoothies and grapes are frozen for snacking. I have a mix of chopped onions, kale and mushrooms to sauté with some frozen broccoli for duck egg breakfast scrambles (thank you, Lauren!), and I’ve got Trader Joe’s Wasabi Wow trail mix measured by the ¼ cup and put in small containers for good-food emergencies on the road. There’s a papaya ripening in a bag on the counter and my new batch of kombucha is bottled and ready to go. Whew!

After all of that, I took the pups and went for a nice walk with my neighbors after dinner. It was a stunningly beautiful evening. I am truly blessed!

1 LATESo, I missed getting the blog done on schedule. Do you care if I’m a day late? Did your day come to a crashing halt? I didn’t think so.

Here’s what I know: This is a perfect example of self-care. I was inspired to prepare nourishing, delicious food. I set aside several scheduled tasks and allowed myself the freedom to just go with the flow. And, what are the consequences of going with the flow? Was anyone harmed? Did I let anyone down? I don’t think so because here I am with the perfect example of what I wrote about in my recent post about stress. Ha!

We get a choice about how we look at things. In this case I could have looked at this as a lapse and lack of self-discipline. I could call myself names like loser, lazy, unfocused … blah, blah, blah.

Or, I can choose to congratulate myself for listening to my intuition and following my heart. I can be grateful for the blessings of wonderful food prepared for the future and because I chose self-love and blessings I am experiencing profound happiness knowing I will be nourished and energized all week.

I am definitely going with the gratitude and happiness!

What can you do to practice a little self-love? What would give you that sense of gratitude and happiness? Maybe it’s curling up on a Sunday morning, while the rest of the family heads off to church, and taking a couple of hours just for yourself. It could be skipping a soccer game to sit in the quiet enjoyment of a latte at Starbucks. You could let the kitchen remain a disaster and take a walk on a lovely spring evening. Instead of mopping the floor or vacuuming and dusting, meet a friend for lunch on Saturday.

Can you see that a big part of creating a healthy lifestyle depends on self-care. It’s critical that you learn to listen to your body for nutritional cues and equally critical that you tune into your heart for your emotional needs as well.

Follow your heart. Listen to what you really need. What do you need to do this week?
Nancy Oglesby, the Practical Health Coach
simplifying healthy lifestyle changes

Do you know someone who could benefit from being given permission to take a breather now and then? If so, forward the link to this blog. It might be the nudge that convinces them they deserve a little time to do what nourishes their body, mind and spirit.

As always, I am happy to support you on your journey. Visit my website and contact me to schedule your Strategy Session.

Nancy Oglesby, the Practical Health Coach
Simplifying Healthy Lifestyle Choices





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