Show Your Body Some Love

1 body loveWe hear a lot about body image and how celebrities and the media distort every image we see. As they talk about it we see attempts to reverse the perfection modelling that accosts us every minute of every day.

Unfortunately, even as some try to negotiate for more reality, the distortion to reality images are probably in the neighborhood of a million to one … if not higher.

I can think of a couple of ways to take a stand for reality:

1)     Watch British television. Most of the shows I’ve watched do NOT glamorize their characters. I’ve watched all of the episodes of Doc Martin and Midsomer Murders. The characters are every bit as flawed as you and I. I’ve seen red chins, splotches, less-than-flat tummies and actual thighs. Arms jiggle and hair droops. Check them out on Acorn TV, Netflix or Hulu.

2)     Most importantly, close your eyes and focus on how grateful you are for the mysteries that your body holds; the things it can do! You have cells that do amazing things, nervous, muscular, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, excretory and skeletal systems that are miraculous.

If you want to get up and cross the room, most of us just get up and cross the room. Scratch an itch? We don’t think much about that do we? We don’t think about the timing we’ll need to contract the right muscle at the right time or the order in which the muscles will be used. We don’t even need to be aware of our thoughts … we just get up and cross the room.

Whether it’s digesting our food, absorbing nutrients, filtering toxins, breathing in fresh air and exhaling carbon dioxide, sitting, standing, dancing, learning or sleeping … Our bodies are miracles that allow us to navigate our day.

It was a beautiful Spring weekend in Kansas City and many of us spent time outdoors doing yard work, walking our dogs, gardening, washing the car, playing ball or enjoying a picnic with friends. Whatever you were doing, it was your body that made it possible.

There are so many reasons to be grateful for, and love your body!

Another word I hear a lot is gratitude. 1 body love 2Seeing it can make you turn away thinking, “I practice gratitude often, so I don’t need to think about that now.” Maybe you do need to think about it if you spend a lot of time badmouthing your body.

Do you hear yourself? Often we don’t. “My hair is too thin.” “My skin is too pale.” “My skin is too dark.” “My teeth are crooked.” “My thighs are too bulgy.” “My feet are disgusting.” “My stomach sticks out.” “I’m fat.” “My hair is too thick.” “My arms are hairy.” “I have too many freckles.” “My breasts are too small.” “My breasts are too big.” “My fingers are too short.” “My hands look like man hands.” “My hands are effeminate.” “I have absolutely no chest hair.” “I look like a bear.”

STOP!!! Reread the list above. Make your own list of all the things you can do (Which is pretty much everything!) and take a minute to say, “Thank you!”

Being grateful for what your body can currently do can lead you to think about what you want it to be able to do for years to come. And, that kind of thinking might just lead you to make some lifestyle choices that will support your body for years to come.

You know the saying about giving? You get back so much more than you give? It is so true of your body! Show that body of yours some gratitude by giving it more of what it wants … Whole, nutritious food and a bit of movement. The reward will be years and years of better health allowing you to do the things you love for much longer.

That’s some major getting back so show your body some love and gratitude!

With Blessings,
Nancy Oglesby, the Practical Health Coach
Simplifying Healthy Lifestyle Changes

If you enjoy reading my blog, how about sharing it with friends who might also be interested? And, if you enjoy reading the blog, think the ideas are good, but just don’t seem to make them happen in your life? You might be a perfect candidate for the coaching process. Contact me to schedule a FREE Strategy Session by visiting my website Fill out the appropriate form and when I receive it I’ll contact you to set up a time to talk. The session is done over the phone, lasts about 45 minutes and you will definitely have one or two strategies when the call is over. (I do not hard sell the coaching process!)



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