Nobody WANTS to Step Out of Their Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone in BoxThis is the biggest step in the process, and it’s going to be a big deal for some people. I know it was for me. I absolutely hate being uncomfortable! When I decided to quit eating while watching television I was very uncomfortable. For a while I let it go on, then I decided I could control what I ate and all would be well. I’d just eat carrots and celery.

Guess what? It wasn’t long before the eating was back out of control. Celery and carrots? Yeah, right! So, I committed again and I caved. I committed. I caved. Then, something magic happened: I got it right in my head. I realized that I was looking at the change with negativity and self-pity. (Oh poor me … All I can eat is celery and carrots … Wah, wah, wah.) When I changed my mental state I changed the outcome. I realized that I was blessed to have the opportunity to discover something new about myself!

I gave myself permission to feel the discomfort, to actually pay attention to it and by doing that I learned that I was bored sitting there with nothing but the television, so I began thinking about positive alternatives to eating. What could I do that kept my hands busy, but allowed me to keep track of the show I was watching? Some people choose sewing or knitting. I tried knitting, but it didn’t hold any excitement for me.

One day I bought a mandala coloring book and a BIG box of Crayola crayons and began coloring while I watched. Now, that was fun! It was relaxing and the perfect way to occupy my head and hands. I don’t even think about food while I’m watching television anymore.

If eating while watching television is one of your habits, by making the choice to step out of your comfort zone you might discover a new pastime or find that you enjoy playing solitaire either with a deck of cards or on your phone. Maybe you’ll enjoy coloring in a coloring book. Keep trying new things until you hit upon a solution to the problem. I guarantee you, that unless it’s hunger, the solution is not food.

So, what comfort zone are you ready to tackle? Is it eating with television, getting up and exercising, beginning a journaling practice or cooking more meals at home? I’d advise you to grumble, be annoyed, even fight it for a bit, but pay attention to what it is that is making you uncomfortable so that you can discover a new way of doing things. Flip on the switch in your head that feeds a positive attitude and you’ll find that changing the way you look at the situation will afford you to opportunity to create new and lasting change.


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