What? I Need to Pack Green Stuff?

If you were starting on a trip then you’d probably have done some planning and packed accordingly. Starting on your journey to better health & weight loss is no different. You must plan and pack.

What are you going to pack? Nutrients! How are you going to do that? By adding in fruits and vegetables. There are a number of ways to achieve this.

  • Salads. First of all, salads are available everywhere so that helps make it easy. Add in a salad of mixed lettuces and greens with a lot of added goodies like snow peas, carrots, tomatoes, orange slices, strawberries, cucumbers, avocado, peppers, sprouts, onions, red cabbage, jicama, pineapple, apples, celery, broccoli, pears, cranberries (Not too many. There’s added sugar on dried cranberries.), grapes … the list is endless. Be adventurous and try new things!
    Top it off with a tablespoon of chopped nuts, a healthy oil and vinegar dressing and you’ll be packing in the nutrients!
  • Sliced veggie trays aren’t just for company. Bring one home with your greensweekly shopping and set it out while you cook dinner, or between meals as a great snack. Buy or make some hummus for dip and you’ll have a powerhouse of nutrition!
  • To start your day, or for your afternoon break, have a green smoothie. For a great outline of how to create a smoothie click here.
  • Add greens to stir fry’s, omelets and soups. Buy a bag of washed, cut greens and toss it in your freezer just the way you brought it home from the store. When frozen, smash it down to about half its size so it takes up less room. That way it’s convenient when you want to add it in.
  • Fresh fruit, combined with an ounce ofhealthworkskc, almonds, nuts, emotional eating, cravingyour favorite nuts is the perfect snack. The  fiber, protein and healthy fat found in nuts slows down the absorption of the sugar from the fruit giving you long-lasting satisfaction!
  • Brush veggies with Extra Virgin Olive oil and put it on the grill … Inside or out. I love my Foreman Grill!
  • Instead of drinking fruit juice eat the fruit with your breakfast. You’ll get the benefit of the natural fiber that’s lost when you pour your fruit from a carton or can.
  • Make frozen fruit pops by blending up your milk of choice with your favorite fruits. Pour into molds and enjoy on a warm day. I love to mix orange and pineapple with coconut milk and a touch of vanilla … YUM!
  • Roast your veggies. If you haven’t tasted the difference, you brussels-sproutsneed to try it. Roasted vegetables have an incredibly rich flavor. Just Google ‘roast cauliflower’ or ‘roast carrots’ or ‘roast vegetables’ for temps and times.
  • Don’t rely on packaged goods that say, “12 servings of fruits and vegetables per serving” as a way of getting goodness into your diet. There’s no telling how many nutrients are left after all of the processing, so opt for fresh when at all possible and if not, go for frozen. What I tell my clients is, “Eat real food! You know, that stuff that looks like food.”

None of the above will happen just by reading this post and thinking about it. You’ll have to sit down and figure out what and when you are going to make some of these additions and then shop accordingly. Planning for your journey by packing in fresh, whole nutrients is just what you need to make it to your destination with high energy, great health and a new level of happiness!

See you on the road,
Nancy Oglesby, The Practical Health Coach


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