Healthy & Fit Over 50 Happiness Tip #2

Good relationships are critical to your mental well-being, and it’s important to realize that not all relationships fit into that category.

I had a friend who would call up and just start right in on how miserable life was. Before the phone call I would be in a peaceful and contented place and then all of a sudden I was being harangued by misery without even a hello-how-are-you moment. I could feel my blood pressure rise!

One day my sister overheard my end of the conversation (me trying to instill, for the millionth time, some calm and practicality into the friend’s otherwise drama-laden life) and after I got off the phone she asked, “Why are you friends with that person?” Great question!

About a month or two later, after seriously mulling over the pros and cons, I walked away and haven’t looked back with regret once.

I don’t suggest ending a relationship without giving it the thought it deserves, but if a friendship is toxic, then it either has to change or you need to walk away. Your health depends on it!



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