Word Wednesday – PLAY! Part Two

ImageI have a vision of a neighborhood gang of adults, all gathered on two sides of someone’s yard singing out, “Red Rover, Red Rover let … NANCY … come over!” All the kids are clamoring to get in the game and the adults are telling them to wait their turn, but they don’t really mean it; they’re just stalling for more time for themselves. Wouldn’t that be awesome!

Here are some old favorites. Red Light, Green Light, Simon Says, Dodge Ball, Duck, Duck Goose, Freeze Tag … The list goes on! Maybe you could get your neighbors to play every night? Just like when we were young! Just think of the fun of taking turns with the kids. One game played by the adults, the next by the kids … Fun!

Can you picture the game of Statue? John tossing Mary … Kay landing sideways and having to hold it for, how long? How about Jump Rope? Do you remember the rhymes? Double rope? I’ll stick with one for now! I see the neighbors who aren’t jumping playing clapping games!

ImageWho’s going to bring the jacks and marbles? ImageDig out some hula hoops and break out the wiffle ball and bat! Someone can print out some jump rope and clapping rhymes and bring them along for those who aren’t as mobile. Rotate yards and times so that everyone can be included. We used to play ball in my back yard and jump rope on my neighbor’s driveway. Red Rover was a couple of doors down and Statue was wherever we were.

I have fallen in love with this vision! Spread the word.

Visit GamesKidsPlayfor rules and ideas.


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