Mad About Monday – Meditation

I tried it; meditation. I even thought that I had managed it a couple of times. Meditating never got me where all of the teachers along the way said that it would. I thought that my ADD prevented me from staying focused or unfocused. The only successful meditation I’ve ever done was guided. I clearly wasn’t mad about meditation!

The last lecture of my one-year health coaching program was by Deepak Chopra and the topic was Consciousness. About two-thirds of the way through the two hour lecture; he had us set two intentions, and then led us in a meditation using the phrase “I am” as a mantra. I had trouble staying with it.

First, I had no idea it would be twenty minutes long and it was so silent (absolutely no sound) that I kept thinking that my iPod had paused. Of course, I broke the whole eyes-closed-quiet-mantra deal and checked.

Second, I kept thinking of my affirmations which begin with, “I am …” The most common being “I am Energetic, Healthy & Happy.” It was very distracting.

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When he brought us out of the meditation and explained that a mantra is a word or words that don’t have a history or meaning to you, I decided to try again the next day … today. What a difference!

This morning a mantra came to me that isn’t words at all, rather sounds. I set my intentions, and then set my timer for twenty minutes. Today I got to that space between things; the discontinuity as Dr. Chopra calls it. During the lecture he said that if you think you’re there you aren’t because awareness of time and space disappears. You see, you can only know you were there when you are finished.

When the timer went off I was surprised that the time was over; quite a difference from any other meditation attempts when I was sneaking open one eye to see how much longer I had to go. I felt as if I had gone deeper and made a connection; to what or whom I am unsure, but it was a rich experience.

I believe we receive things when we’re ready. After so many failed meditation attempts I had no intention of trying again; but the Universe had heard my earlier intention to meditate daily and it formed its own plan. Meditation snuck up on me in the guise of a lecture … sneaky. The Universe knew something else: It was time.

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