It’s Not Trivia Tuesday – Fibromyalgia

Even if it’s rainy and gray for what seems like the first time in months, I am enjoying this first day of spring. There are birds galore and many of the flowering trees are in full bloom. I can’t decide what my favorite is; Red Buds or Dogwoods. Lucky me, I have both in my back yard and they bloom one right after the other! Soon my tulips will be open and I’ll have a hard time pulling myself away from the front door!

As the season of growth begins I, too am beginning a new journey. I decided that I want to coach people with fibromyalgia (and/or fatigue) so that they can regain their vitality. I suffered with fibromyalgia and the resulting pain, fatigue and brain fog. Today I am symptom free! (Well, maybe a little brain fog now and then.) My journey inspired me to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I got the formal education in nutrition and lifestyle coaching that enables me to help others on their journey to good health.

The first step in beginning to feel better is to eat better. The brilliant colors of spring fill my head with images of brightly colored salads made with fresh fruits and vegetables. I realize the time for farmer’s markets and fresh produce stands is getting closer … I AM READY! At this time of year it gets easier than ever to eat fresh. My salads have begun to look like a rainbow: Romaine lettuce, bright red radishes, a little yellow pepper, orange carrots, green onions, purple onions, almond slices and a handful of blue, red or blackberries and a few slices of clementines. I top it with a balsamic/olive oil/ raw honey concoction … Serious YUM!!

Take the first step toward good health. I know you would rather rejoice in spring than suffer from the pain and/or fatigue that accompanies a change in season.  If you’d like to find out more about how to feel better visit my website and contact me for a free health consultation. Don’t live in the KC area? No problem. I coach over the phone as well. Recent studies show that there is no difference in outcome whether coached in person or via phone … Could one conversation change your life? You bet!


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