Wednesday’s Word is Moderation

How can you impact your health and the health of the planet, the animals and global hunger? Practice moderation.

Wow! Simple.

To see a significant improvement in your health and impact the world at the same time, moderate the processed foods and increase the whole foods. First decide what processed foods you want to keep in your diet. It can change from week to week. Go with your desires.

Do you salivate at the idea of freshly baked bread? Eat it. Savor it. Rejoice in its perfection … Once a week. Is your idea of heaven apple pie? McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese? French Fries? A juicy steak cooked to perfection? French toast slathered with butter and syrup? Barbeque? A crazy bleu cheese-bacon-double cheeseburger? Eat it. Savor it. Rejoice in its perfection … But choose carefully and only indulge once a week … Moderation.

Americans have forgotten the life-giving nature of whole foods: Blueberries and strawberries, oranges and melon, lettuce mixes, red peppers, radishes, celery and carrots, beautiful colorful vegetables; the colors of the rainbow nurture our health and give us incredible energy.

You can’t take a supplement and get even close to the same benefits as eating the food. Scientists have discovered that it’s not about one nutrient in a food; it’s about the interaction of all of the nutrients in that food.

Great news! It doesn’t require much effort to create a healthy meal. Most grocery stores have salad bars loaded with whole foods. Just pass up most of the heavy, creamy, pasta salads in favor of fresh, whole foods. Top your colorful salad with some beans and dress with vinegar, olive oil, some seasonings and a scoop of sunflower seeds or almonds. DINNER!

The United States has become a nation of gluttons eating with abandon whether hungry or not, choosing to ignore the horror required to fill each plate and willing to defer the high price of their choices: Poor health; physically, psychologically and monetarily, and a planet that cannot sustain the destruction.

Michael Pollan, author of “In Defense of Food,” said it best, “Eat less, mostly plants.”

I wish you good health … physically, psychologically and monetarily!


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