Mad About Monday – New Shoes!

Last week I went to the running store here in KC and finally bought a pair of shoes that were appropriate for my feet. I’ve known for years that I should be doing this, but never quite: a) found the time, b) wanted to spend the money.

The shoes I was wearing were, of course, exactly the wrong kind … I pronated in a totally different direction than the shoe; oops! What a difference a decision to listen makes! My feet don’t ache and either do my quads; all because I’m now properly pronated … or unpronated … something!

Listening doesn’t just make sense in regard to buying good shoes; it’s a good idea to listen to what your body is trying to tell you about the choices you’re making, from food to shoes, supplements to mattresses.

Some people are really good at listening and others aren’t. This is where a Certified Health Coach comes in. We are trained to hear what your body is saying. If you ache, don’t sleep well, can’t seem to lose weight and/or are suffering from allergies, a chronic disease, fibromyalgia or fatigue, and can’t seem to find relief, consider hiring a Health Coach. We can help!

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