Wednesday Word – Pizziatore

It’s a brand new word!

Here’s the scoop: I had two portions of extra pizza sauce in my freezer, so I decided to make Chicken Pizziatore. One of my favorite dishes made by my mom was Chicken Cacciatore. It required several ingredients, chopped, sautéed, combined and cooked for hours. My version is crazy simple but tastes like I slaved in the kitchen for hours … It’s that good! Here’s the recipe

2 Split Campo Lindo Farms* Chicken Breasts
1.25c Pizza Sauce (leftover or new)

Put all of the ingredients (I know it’s a ton of ingredients to keep track of, but try) in a CrockPot, set to high and cook for 4 hours or until cooked through.

I recommend serving it over whole grain pasta with a green salad as a side. Seriously delicious!

*Campo Lindo Farms is local. They let their chickens roam the pastures and do chicken things. They also slaughter on their premises saving the chickens a frightening, horrific transport to a poorly managed slaughterhouse. They have respect for the animals they raise. It is the only chicken I eat and is available at Whole Foods and a few other grocery stores in Kansas City.


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