Sunday Spirituality – TGIF

Every year my church, Unity Church of Overland Park, holds Fall Faith, a study-group based exploration of a spiritually-based book. I’ve participated in three and have studied “Spiritual Liberation” by Michael Beckwith, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra, and “The I of the Storm” by Gary Simmons. Every year I come away inspired and renewed!

One year the group facilitator handed out manila file folders, markers and post-it notes and told us to write ‘TGIF’ on the tab of the file folder. Naturally we all thought of the saying ‘Thank God It’s Friday,’ but that wasn’t it at all. TGIF stood for ‘Things God Is Fixing.’

On each post-it note we put something that was troubling us, problems in need of solutions or visions in need of direction … in other words, our worries, concerns, hopes and dreams. Once in the file, we were able to let them go … the perfect, tangible version of Let Go and Let God: Physically placing your troubles in a file and walking away.

I keep mine in the front of my file drawer. I add to it and look back often and have been able to mark most of them ‘done.’

Thank you, God!

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