Self-Care Saturday – Decisions, Decisions.

Do you have a difficult decision to make? Do you think you have all the information you need? If so, take the time to meditate, pray and/or journal about it. If the decision doesn’t come, sit quietly and listen for the answer. And if you don’t have all the information, it’s probably time to get it.

Putting off the tough decisions isn’t good for our health. Stress levels kick up and stay up as we nibble at the edges of the issue. High levels of cortisol wreak havoc on our blood sugar, and we wonder why we’re gaining weight … that’s it! We are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, inflammatory issues (think arthritis, allergies, asthma) and just plain getting sick because our immune system is compromised.

So, even though it’s not pleasant … work on coming to terms with those tough decisions. Your health depends on it.


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