When was the last time YOU had a pajama party? I’m talking to the adults here … popcorn, movies, video games, spa services, contests … whatever you want! (I recommend the Obstacle Course on Wii Fit for the most laughs!) Pick a theme, send out invites and have a blast!
Charades is a fantastic way to set the theme and get everyone laughing. Put together movie, TV or book titles that match your theme and give fun prizes to the winning team.
On the invitation, ask that each attendee bring at least one of their high school yearbooks … Always good for a laugh!
Prizes can be great fun. Hand them out for best PJ’s, craziest PJ’s, scariest ghost story, most romantic story, craziest nail polish job … whatever.
Everyone can bring a healthy snack and you can vote on the winner (anonymously of course) and present the winner with a … you got it … prize! Either cook or go out to breakfast the next morning before everyone heads out.
I recommend that guys find out just how fun sleepovers can be. Outline a plan, and share it with your buds … poker, video games, contests, cards, manly movies … Okay, I seriously doubt you’ll do it, but you don’t know what you’re missing!
Pajama parties are particularly fun if your friends are married with children because it gives them an opportunity to get away from the kids, laugh until their sides hurt, then go home refreshed.
Have Fun!


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