Thursday Thanks – Old-Timers

I recently attended an Al-Anon meeting during which, after someone expressed frustration and anger at someone at work who was particularly difficult to get along with, one of the old-time AA guys told us about the Resentment Prayer. Here’s how it works:

First I’m to list all the things I wish for myself, like peace, harmony, a loving relationship, serenity, patience, abundance, prosperity, kindness, high energy, health, happiness, a crazy, rewarding career and joy. That’s my prayer for me. Now, when I feel that rush of impatience, frustration or anger at someone (usually a driver not doing what I want them to do) … I pray FOR THEM what I wish for myself.

Yep! Just when you want to scream at someone or something, you bless them with your dreams for yourself. I get that you aren’t going to want to do this, and you don’t even have to mean it. Feel free to begin by saying, “If _______ doesn’t get hit by a truck first, I wish them …..” 🙂

Here’s the payoff: Your blood pressure drops, you even smile at yourself. It’s a much better place to be than tense, frustrated and angry. Plus the energy you’re putting out into the Universe is fantastic!

The following week, I told him that I’d renamed it the Redemption Prayer because what you focus on is what you attract and I quit using words like anti-war or child abuse prevention in favor of peace or children’s rights. There’s no way I’m focusing on resentment!

Give the Redemption Prayer a chance. It’s fun to find yourself going, “^#@!* *@!# … oops … I mean … I wish for you peace, a loving relationship, harmony, high energy, kindness, health, happiness and joy … Yeah … That’s what I wish!

Today and every day, I’m crazy thankful for the wisdom of the old-timers!


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