Trivia Tuesday – National What??

January 31st is a very interesting day in food. It marks the end of Prune Breakfast Month, National Soup Month, National Oatmeal Month and National Hot Tea Month. Here’s hoping that we aren’t expected to eat them every day, all month! I would get mighty sick of oatmeal and prunes! I could easily handle the soup and tea. Bear in mind today is your last day to celebrate … hurry!

Today is National Popcorn Day. Popcorn can be a pretty healthy alternative to other salty/crunchy snacks as long as you make it yourself using healthy oils and organic popcorn. Sprinkle seasoning on it instead of salt and it is healthier yet.

February will offer you new and exciting ways to celebrate, unfortunately most of February’s national commemorations are not very healthy. We’ve got: National Canned Food Month sharing space with National Snack Food Month. It’s interesting that the same month that brings awareness to heart disease brings you canned food full of sodium, and snack food which in the US means salt, sugar, preservatives and processing!

I plan to co-celebrate National Snack Food Month and National Heart Awareness Month by bringing easy, healthy options to the table: nuts, seeds, fruit, raw veggies … Now that’s snack food!


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