Mad About Monday – ChopChop Magazine 1/23/12

I am mad about ChopChop Magazine! Do you know about it? It’s a fun cooking magazine for families and it has recipes and instructions that include the kids of the family in the cooking process. There are definitions of terms and pictures and descriptions of kitchen tools used in the recipes.

There are untold numbers of adults who don’t know the first thing about cooking.They grew up in families that ate from drive-thru’s and frozen boxes. This magazine is perfect for adults who are new to cooking. It takes you through the basics and there’s no way anyone would be uncomfortable with the directions and tools.

The fun stuff! ChopChop not only has nutritious recipes, but is chock full of fun articles, games and photos that capture not only children’s imaginations, but adult’s as well. In the Fall 2011 issue there was an article on growing lettuce in a grocery bag … Fun and educational! One of the sponsors, New Balance, had an article about soccer and how to practice your soccer moves, and the Healthy Hero was Mike Jacobson, the director of Center for Science in the Public Interest discussing Food Day.

The magazine comes out four times a year and is published by ChopChop Kids a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The Board of Directors is loaded with some amazing leaders in the field of health including a couple of my favorites, Dr. David Katz of Yale Prevention Research Center and Dr. Walter Willett of the Harvard School of Public Health.

ChopChop Magazine makes nutritious food fun! It costs $14.95/year for a subscription and is well worth it. Visit them to check out the recipes and other information at

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