Friday Fun & Saturday Self-Care – 1/20/12

Get out and meet new people. Having an enjoyable social life is critical to good health, and it’s great fun! I moved to Kansas City five years ago and the only person I knew was my single, bachelor son. I didn’t want to rely on him for my entertainment (and neither did he!) so I found a church and joined it but that didn’t create any social opportunities for me.

My next try was to take some classes and go to lectures, but again, I was disappointed in the outcome. It seemed that most people went places with a partner or a friend … dang! Then I found If you’re not familiar with the concept, let me explain: Meetup is a geographic collection of interest groups. You can search by proximity to your zip code and your interests.

In Kansas City, if you put in ‘women’s social’ you come up with a lot of options including a group I belong to called ‘BFF-Women’s Social Network’ with over 300 members and a calendar full of activities from snow tubing (today) to book clubs, game nights, charitable outings to prepare and serve dinner at Ronald McDonald, Happy Hours, a play, movies, Bunco, bowling and a super bowl party … Wow!

There are several groups that fit the search criteria including Single Women Over 40 (where I went to the Diva Party last week), LOL-Laugh Out Loud group which is another social group, a Women’s Outdoor Recreation group; a Hiking group … The list is endless! You can also search for common interests such as photography, hiking, movies, theater, wine … whatever your interest.

People often carpool to events so that they cut down the cost of driving. Most of the events are held at public venues, but now that most of us know each other events like Bunco, book clubs and game nights are often hosted in private homes.

Try it out in your area … If you don’t find a group, you might just want to start one. There is a fee, but it’s not a lot and right now it is 50% off. Good luck and have fun!

I am a Certified Health Coach specializing in weight loss and disease prevention. If you are interested in a free health consultation, please visit my website at: I work in person or over the phone and have convenient times available.


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