Thursday Thanks – Little Things 1/19/12

Little things can make me smile, brighten my day and focus my thinking on gratitude. One of them is pens and paper: My handwriting changes depending on the writing instrument and/or the paper type. Is the pen ballpoint, roller ball or fountain? And the paper; is it ruled wide or college, grid or plain? All are penmanship determinants: How will my hand express itself?

Nerdy but true, I love cruising the pen and paper aisles of office supply stores scoping out the choices … Oh, and don’t get me started on journals, notebooks, calendars or 3×5 cards; It is my version of heaven!

I have a friend whose passion is tea: types, cups, pots … all things tea, another likes kitchen gadgets. What little thing makes you smile?

Today I am grateful for my new pen love, Pilot Precise V5 in turquoise, pink and purple. It knocked out my very traditional favorite Zebra F-301 (which still remains my fave ballpoint). My current paper is a banana paper spiral notebook by a company not smart enough to put their name anywhere except on the tear-off sleeve, torn off weeks ago and the name long forgotten.


One thought on “Thursday Thanks – Little Things 1/19/12

  1. lwooten

    Wonderful post! I share your pen and paper obsession. A nice pen can uplift the most mundane tasks, like addressing letters or even paying bills.


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