Wednesday’s Word – Disgusted 1/18/12

While former President Bill Clinton who chose to control his health by eating a healthy, whole foods diet, holds a conference on wellness, another celebrity, Paula Deen chooses to climb in bed with the huge pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk to promote their newest injection and lead a growing diabetes population toward insulin dependence as a way of life instead of choosing to change to a healthier lifestyle and a diet that centers on natural, unprocessed whole foods.

I am not privy to the contract that Ms. Deen signed with Novo Nordisk, but am certain she is being paid a hefty sum to be the face of Victoza. Well done, madam; use your celebrity to earn more money (which I’m sure you don’t have enough of) instead of stepping up and using your talents to effect a healthy change in the standard American diet. Instead you are teaching diabetics to continue their bad habits while relying on the healthcare system to bail them out.

No wonder our healthcare costs are skyrocketing while our health is deteriorating. People pay more and feel worse! Novo Nordisk paying Paula Deen is another example of an expense that’s passed on to the consumer … In this case, diabetics!

Pharmaceutical companies want you to keep eating processed food and sitting on the couch watching television, sitting all day at the office getting stressed out … They want you to be healthy enough to go to work, but sick enough to need their products.

There’s no money in healthy people!

Type 2 Diabetes is CAUSED by a poor diet and lifestyle and can be CURED by a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Now, more than ever, people need to learn how to change their health and stay out of the healthcare system—Death by healthcare (iatrogenic death) is reported to be the third leading cause of death in the U.S., ahead of motor vehicle accidents and AIDS. Iatrogenic deaths aren’t listed in standard death rate tables because that’s not how they’re reported, but the New England Journal of Medicine reported in 1991/1999 that upwards of 100,000 deaths resulted from ‘medical injuries.’ And that is trending up instead of down. Infections incurred during hospitalization have increased dramatically.

Certified Health Coach will work with your doctor to reduce and even eliminate your need for diabetes medication. To contact me for more information, or a free health consultation visit my website at


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