Wednesday’s Word – Listen 1/11/12

… to what your body is trying to tell you. Shhh … quiet yourself … listen.

When you eat, check in with yourself to see how the food you ate affects you. Are you energetic an hour later or do you want to curl up and take a nap? Do you feel satisfied or are you left wanting more? Do you crave something sweet or salty?

Your body seeks balance. Craving sweet or salty food happens as a result of your body trying to get back in balance. Sweet foods are very yin, salty foods are very yang. Head off these by making choices that achieve balance naturally.

For more information about yin/yang foods visit:

Listening to your body will give you clues about what foods work for and against you. Try going dairy-free for seven days. On the eighth day add back in dairy. If you listen, you will know if you are sensitive to dairy. Dairy is an irritant to many people and they don’t know it. If you suffer from sinus congestion or asthma, dairy is often the culprit.

Try the same experiment with wheat. Take it out of your diet and put it back in and check the results. (To check for gluten sensitivity you need to eliminate all sources of gluten.) Going wheat or gluten-free can make a big difference in your life if you’re sensitive, and it’s easier than ever with all the new products on grocery shelves!

If you find you are sensitive to either dairy or wheat, contact me via for a copy of my guides to alternatives.


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