Wednesday’s Word is Kindness – 1/4/12

Kindness—I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to achieve certification as a Health Coach. What I found there, aside from a top notch education was a group of the most kind and generous people I’ve ever met; the students.

Another KC student, Brian Hedgpeth’s partner Clem changed my flight to the LA Conference, saving me $79 and getting me on the same non-stop flight as Brian. Thanks, guys!

Jennifer Blackwelder organized an apartment in Manhattan for a ridiculous price for the IIN Fall Conference where seven of us stayed together, had a blast, and walked to Javits every day. Thanks, Jennifer! (and all my roomies!)

Last, but far from least, are the people in the May IIN Facebook group. They are an amazing resource of knowledge and experience. Anytime one of us needs advice, there they are, stepping up to the plate. Thanks to all of you!

Kindness isn’t just a random act or meant for strangers; it’s sharing yourself and your gifts with those around you.

I had no idea how IIN would change my life, but the best change of all is being a part of the student body. I am blessed!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Word is Kindness – 1/4/12

  1. NancyO Post author

    You little sweetie pie!! And I have you back! Hey folks, guess what? I went to school and came home with a new kid!


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