Tips Tuesday – More Freezer Tips 1/10/12

Seems my tips center on the freezer, but here are a couple of more ways to use your freezer & an ice cube tray effectively:

        • Freeze fresh lemon or lime juice in ice cube trays, empty into containers to keep fresh until needed
        • If you’re making up some of that green tea concentrate for the exfoliating recipes, freeze that in ice cube trays as well
        • Do you have pets? I make ice cubes of broth for treats. My dogs just love broth with some of the small pieces of chicken in them.
        • Coffee and/or tea concentrate for iced coffee/tea

Use your imagination and you’ll find more uses for those ice cube trays. Do you have something you use but never use all of and it expires before you can use it again? That’s the perfect item! Try it. The worst thing that can happen is that it doesn’t freeze well, but you would have thrown it out anyway.

I’d love to hear how you use your freezer to save money or extend your pantry: Use the ‘contact’ link on my website:


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