Tidbit Tuesday 1/3/12

I know I’ve been going on about this organization thing and journaling for awhile now, but here’s what I’ve learned about organization from journaling: I’ve learned a few things about how my mind processes and categorizes things.

When I journal:

•I’m sitting in a space fairly devoid of distraction and it turns out that’s really good for my focus, so I designed my office space to limit distraction.

•I often come up with ideas to grow/shape my business and  that they fall into one of several categories (product potential, marketing, net-working, client-based, office efficiency, etc.) and so that’s how I organize my files.

•I think about how to deal with so much information that comes with keeping up with current data. For example an article about exercise can often be categorized several ways; diabetes, cardiovascular, aging, Alzheimer’s, etc., and it would be fantastic if it was organized and searchable.  I’m new to Evernote, but am pretty sure I can tag and search articles, and sync them to my tablet so the information is handy during client meetings … a new project!

So, journaling and organization are a great combination. It gives you actionable ways to solve problems. If you don’t regularly journal, go to www.HealthWorksKC.com/contact to connect. I’ll happily send you a copy of my three-part series on Stress-Free Journaling.


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