Thursday Thanks – Ordering Your Private World 1/5/12

I am thankful for a book, and the Universe for continually putting it in my hands. The first time was ten or so years ago when I picked it up at a thrift store, again a few years ago and twice in as many days I have tried to suggest it to someone but couldn’t remember the name or the author. Typically, that means I would forget about it completely: Not so, this time.

This morning while doing my exercises and stretches, Spirit tossed the author’s name into my head as I hit my 10th sit-up: Gordon MacDonald. That was all I could get; no book name, not even a glimmer … Organize this … no … Your Life that … no, no, and no! Okay, already! I went to the bookshelf and there it sat; I think it was smiling.

The name of the book is, “Ordering Your Private World” by Gordon MacDonald.* It is an awesome guide to bringing you to center; to finding your rhythm.

From the introduction: “I was a young pastor in a sizable church, and I had accumulated several weeks of busyness (I mean really busy!) in my work. Now, there is a busyness that reflects a plan of activity, a pattern of priorities, and a sense of purposefulness. It is a good and satisfying busyness through which one grows and increases competence.”

“But there is also a busyness (a destructive busyness, actually) that reflects a chaotic way of life—a way of doing in which one is simply responding to the next thing in the day. The next thing! It makes no difference whether or not it has significance; it’s just the next thing, and one does it because it’s there to do.” Oh yeah! I can be that kind of busy!

I have read this book cover to cover twice, highlighted passages to return to, and soaked in the content (if not the name). It always brings me to a place where the center becomes the focus, where peace reigns, where what’s important comes into view. I am so thankful for “Ordering Your Private World.”

*This book is written from a Christian perspective, but I found it easy to work with despite my individualized beliefs.


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