Thankful Thursday – Faith 1/12/12

Two years ago I took a course developed by Mary Morrissey titled “Prosperity Plus” that was offered at Unity Church of Overland Park. During that program I learned a lot about tithing, the magic of 10%, visualization, affirmations, faith and lack.

Every week people would come in and talk about the gains that had occurred in their lives since being in the class, tithing and working on affirmations and visualization.

Just about every week something surrounding finances and security happened in my life as well; all negative … or so I thought. “Man,” I’d say to myself, “what do I have to do to get some of that good stuff?” I could have sworn I was doing everything right!

Week One: I had to pay $250 for running up on a parking curb and tearing up the wheel well lining on my car. Okay. It could be worse.

Week Two: I owed $1500 in taxes. “Damn! Okay. Quit freaking out about it. What’s the big deal? If you have faith that God will provide, and you have always been fine, and you have plenty of money in savings, just pay it already and be thankful for the lesson learned: That I am always fine and have always been fine.”

It was a terrific lesson for me since I always worried about money and my husband never worried about money and somehow we always had enough money. Seems obvious, but my brain was programmed for the ‘what-ifs’.

Week Three and four were blissfully uneventful.

Week Five: I lost my health insurance when the company I worked for decided that hourly employees weren’t worth insuring. In my entire life I had never been without health insurance. YIKES! This was getting a little extreme in the faith department!

After the shock wore off and I continued with the rest of the 10-week course, I figured out that the loss of my insurance was a necessary head slap so that I would realize that I was still mired in lack-based, instead of faith-based, thinking. So many of my thoughts were still, “what if this or that occurs, instead of having faith that whatever it was would be exactly what was supposed to happen.

I quit listening to that negative voice and grabbed onto faith that I would be fine, and great things started happening in my life: I took Social Security Survivor Benefits, reduced my hours to fit SSA’s earnings limit and with my spare time I got healthy enough to not need health insurance. Take that!!

It gets better. After I got my blood pressure down without medication, and I gave up dairy after learning that it was a huge factor in asthma, so no longer needed any asthma medications, and lost almost 30 pounds and got off of all allergy meds, I took the time to sit down and work out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life; help people get healthy! So began my education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Faith that I will be alright? Nope, faith that I will be better than alright … I will be amazing! Thank you, God!


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