Sunday Spirituality – White Stone Ceremony 1/8/12

White Stone Ceremony Sunday at Unity Church of Overland Park was beautiful. The room was filled with congregants eager to learn their new name; a focus for the year ahead. As Reverend Patricia Bass polled the congregation asking for adjectives to describe Jesus, I thought, “It would be great if the name that came to me during meditation was ‘bold’ or ‘visionary’.”

The meditation began, I quieted my mind to receive the name I eagerly awaited … and just as I was beginning to think that nothing would come to me I received the name. It wasn’t bold or visionary; it was simple and quiet … peaceful really.

You can hold your own White Stone Ceremony. Quiet your mind, hold your white stone as you center yourself on the gifts that God has given you; the challenges you’ve overcome. As you sit quietly, wait for Spirit to reveal the name chosen for you this year. Then write it on a white stone. They have them available online at, or a white stone from your garden or driveway would work.

You can share your name or not, but keep it close to your heart and put your white stone where you will see is often to remind yourself that Spirit moves through you.

Last year my name was Journey. My life has been a journey of challenges and gifts. This year I begin to share the gifts and give back to those facing challenges. Spirit has given me a new name.


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