Friday Fun – Dance Party! 1/6/12

Dance Party! Do you have kids? How about starting a family tradition? Once a month on whatever day works for you, have a family dance party. Share music; you play some of your past and present favorites and the kids get to play some of theirs. It’s a natural way to instill music appreciation in your kids, and it will allow you to stay current with music trends.

One of my fondest childhood memories is of my dad and I dancing to his swing music, my feet firmly planted on his. It also gave me a love of music that has been a source of joy through the years.

Don’t have children? No excuses! Even by yourself a dance party can be a great deal of fun: Put on your favorite tunes, or let Pandora Radio do the work. Invite neighbors and friends for a fun night of silliness.

I recommend making it Pizza Night since you can make it somewhat healthy by adding a salad or topping with less cheese, or Daiya cheese and more veggies. (Most of the pizza places by me have an easy cheese/Daiya option.)


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